Miracle - Chapter 1

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(They were 13 when the boys left, now it had been 6 years)

Clarity's POV

I breathed heavily as me and Aqua ran down the street. We were really late for school.

"Great, what are we going to do?!" I asked the same question every time we were late.

"I don't know!"

We were at school... where there is no freedom....

I saw a limo parked in the parking lot. Oh well, it didn't matter, Aqua and I walked to different classes. When I walked into English class, I saw everyone was staring at someone. He looked really familiar like I had seen him before, but that's impossible, Drake and Justin said they would never come back.

Plus, he didn't look like Drake at all.... This guy had blond hair and black highlights, different style and his name was Trevor. I walked to my desk, it was right next to his.


Drake's POV

I was looking for Clarity. I missed her so much. I didn't think she would recognize me with this disguise. People cannot find out that I'm the famous Drake.

This girl sat next to me.... She looked like Clarity, but it couldn't be, she looked so different.

I have to say something, "Hey what's your name! I'm Trevor." I said sounding excited.

"Clarity, what's it to you?" I was shocked that's not the Clarity I knew..... Class started.

"Hey, what's up with that attitude of yours, don't you recognize me Clarity?" I whispered so the teacher didn't hear.



Aqua's POV

I saw Justin, he looked just the same!

"JUSTIN" I jumped up and hugged him tight.
"Let's go Aqua!"
"Justin.... What's wrong." I was concerned.
"Haven't you heard that I'm engaged?"

I stood there. I felt alone, I felt the tears running down my eyes. He wouldn't do that to me, he promised I was the only girl. Then I ran out the classroom.


Everyone's POV

Why is this happening now?
Published: 4/10/2014
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