Miracle - Chapters 3 and 4

Will Clarity get out of jail? Let's read to find out.
Author's Note

I have to rush through their relationships because there going to be lots of drama afterwards. And that's going to make the story.


Drake's POV

I just stood there as Clarity got knocked out by the sleeping gas that the security out on her. I couldn't say anything I felt frozen.... GREAT, CLARITY WILL NEVER LIKE ME AGAIN EVER!

I panicked, I pulled Justin's arm, "Come on Justin, we are busting Clarity out of jail!"

When I saw Aqua crying, "Aqua you wanna come with us?" She nodded.

"Crap what about school you idiot!" Justin punched me on the head.

"You didn't have to hit me!"

"We'll just sneak, it will be quick, they won't notice!" We entered our limo. Good thing the butler wasn't there.


Aqua's POV

We entered the limo, it was huge. Drake was driving, so I sat next to Justin with my arms crossed and not paying attention to him.

"Hey Aqua," he said so sweet. I didn't respond. "Come on, you cannot ignore me all day," I covered my ears and sang twinkle twinkle little star.

"Twinkle twinkle little star," I sang.

He continued, "How I wonder what you are," ugh.

"I WISH, I CAN RUN YOU OVER WITH MY CAR!" I sang, so he can get mad.

"Ok.... I'm just gonna stop talking," he scooted away.

"Ok, lovebirds, we are here."


Drake's POV

When we got there, we saw Clarity, she was still knocked out.

"Hello Gaby, we are here for Clarity Brooks." I said maturely.

"Oh Drake, yes, you have to sign here," after boring applications we got clarity.

I picked her up on my back. "Ok let's go," she was so cute, so I kissed her.

Aqua punched me on the head, "What's up with the head hitting!" I yelled walking out the prison.

"Don't kiss my Bestie when she is sleeping idiot."


Justin's POV

I pulled Aqua's arm, "Come on Aqua, my house is close, we need to talk."

"LET GO" She yelled all the way.

I locked the house door, "Aqua stop being mad, I love you ok! The girl I'm marrying, I don't like her, my producers made me to marry her. I loved and missed you all this time, be my girl!" I kissed her and I think she kissed back.

"Oh Justin, I love you too," Aqua said.

Suddenly the girl I was marrying was watching us.


Chapter 4

Makayla's POV

I walked down the stairs to see if my Prince Charming was here. Suddenly I saw him talking to this girl then kissing her. Tears rolled down my face.... I loved him. He saw me ran back upstairs, I sobbed.

"Hey..." Justin came in, I slapped him, "You jerk!" Then I continued, "I.... I.....I... THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME."

"I'm sorry, but we gotta breakup, and blame my producers, they put me up to it."

"Ok...." I giggled under my breath. I'm not giving up you easily Justin, this girl is gonna pay with her life! I'm gonna get you back....


Aqua's POV

I had this bad feeling. Justin came down and we held hands then went to take a walk.

We saw Drake again, "Why's my best friend still knocked out?!"

Drake laughed, "I kinda of kissed her again and she fainted."

I slapped him. "Stop kissing Clarity... Geez, what are we going to do with you."


Clarity's POV

Aqua woke me up and I woke up right in front of Drake's face. My whole face turned red, I screamed and knocked my head on his.

"Huh?" I said with my surprised face

I saw Drake on the ground.

Then we went to my house, I looked at Drake and blushed a little.

He looked at me and winked, "Ermm, I am going to my room," I saw Drake following me, just as according to plan.

Shout out to dream heart read her stories they are really good!
Published: 4/15/2014
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