Miss You Poems

Missing someone who is away from you? Here is our collection of 'missing you poems' that would help you speak your heart out... and tell your loved ones, how much you miss them when they are not around.
Staring At The Walls (Wish You Were Here)
Sometimes it's harder to, let go than to grin and bear it.
Ciao Amore Mio
My bae left for another country. I can't help but miss him. I wrote this short poem, specially for him. Love you Bonnie.
The Long Cold Night
Hope you enjoy reading this
Think Of You Still
A true love never dies.
Does It Matter Now!
Nothing matters now.
Wilderness Of Cold
A missed opportunity.
Away From Me
Because of you, I somewhat wrote this.
Stuck In Yesterday
Sometimes it's hard to escape a memory.
I'm Still Not Over You
Dedicated to someone who used to have a big place in my heart. Wrote this years ago, pardon me. Write comments.
A Blissful Journey Far Into The Sea
When once, you closely laid behind me....
Secret Crush
A juvenile crush in adolescence described.
Perfect Love
It's simple words. Talking about the one you might wish you still had.
Come Back King
As she waits for him to come back home...
A Conscious Stream
This is a first poem in a series of poems written for one person.
And I Wonder
Sometime we keep on wondering how things would be different if things had happened another way.
I Hear You
Something I needed to share.
Difficult to Live Without You
It is difficult to live without you.
Three Years of Silence
Sometimes, we say goodbye to friends, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, loved ones, and others who are very dear to our hearts. When it turns out to be an eternal goodbye, our hopes are lost, and our souls are filled forever with...
Remember You
Your comments please.
Will You Ever Find a Way Back To Me?
Read and find out... I am not quite sure myself.
The Present
A poem based on loss and human spirit.
The Void Of Emptiness
Romance and love in poetry.
Miles Apart
I really miss you...
Miss Melissa
A brief lament at no longer being an itinerant traveler and no longer seeing a favorite hotel desk manager upon check-in.
Thoughts in the Night
An experiment in sharing my heart, not how I usually write.
Carried Away
A dream I had. It was simple and lovely.
One Last Time
A simple expression of yearning for someone, someone who I will miss for my entire lifetime.
A dream on the edge of sleep.
My Tears Freely Flow
New poem. Please comment.
I Miss You So Much
I terribly miss you...
I Wish You're Here
I wish I could hold you now.
I Really Miss You
I really miss you, my love.
I Long For Your Love
All I need is your love and that is what matters to me.
Good Night Kiss!
My heart is filled with countless joys because I love you!!
Baby, I Need You
If I could turn back time, I would never lose you in my arms.
Meaningful Change
Change gain through the pain of love lost.
When in Town
I have no words to say how much I miss you...
Missing You, My Love
Missing our loved ones always gives us pain. Also it gives us chances to recollect our memories! This one is for all who miss their love... (A special thanks to my friend, Vbee for helping me with this.)
Every Day
I've had a back and forth with a girl for too long. We finally gave up. I'll miss her. Everyday.
Glimpse of Friendship
Missing my friends...
A poem about that special someone who you miss most...
On Angel's Wings
This poem is dedicated to my boyfriend... He's at Marine boot camp right now. Semper Fi!
What I Truly Want
I love writing, almost more than anything else, but... it doesn't feel right without having someone to share it with.
I Am Missing You
Missing someone sucks.
She Whom I'll Love Forever
A deep and tragic loss leads to a ghostly encounter.
I Wonder Why
Whether we realize or not, life is never the same when that special someone is away from us...
Do You Miss Me As Much As I Miss You?
I sometimes wonder if it's true that when you miss someone, they miss you too.
Are You Missed?
This is one I made up in 5 mins so it ain't my best, but I text to my bf, we live a distance apart, and decided to share it :)
How I felt/feel about the loss of my two best friends, who did not die but I was forced to leave them.
One for my true love. He isn't dead but he might as well be.
To Lindsey
Letter to my dead best friend. Not very good.
I Still Miss You, Oh My Best Friend
Oh! My best friend, where are you? Come back to me, I still miss you!
Missing You
Lindseyy 12.30.95- 3.26.10 <3
I Remember Those Days!
This is a poem related to my memories, where I Remember Those Days! Days where each moment spent with her is being missed so much that it wets my eyes every morning... Read it and it will definitely remind you of your special...
I Will Always Miss You
When ambition is strong, sometimes love has to suffer.
I Miss You
For that special someone.....
What I Miss
Love is in the air. And all around.
Hurting Love
I was bored so I started typing.
I Hate That I Miss You
Written after my bf left me.
Words of Meaning
AWESOME!!! lol no I miss the one I Love.
Inner Thoughts
A missing your love, poem.
The Things About You
I miss you. That's all.
Missing You
I wrote this bout what people go threw when you miss someone.
I miss u... It hurts !!
(W)....(F), sorry guys it has been repeated by mistake =/....
I Miss my Warrior Bride...
Do you remember the TV show Xena Warrior Princess? Well this poem is written in the perspective that Ares God of War really misses her and longs for her.
Missing You
I really really like this one....it's deep....it made me smile writing it.
We Miss You, Mr. Lee Van Cleef
A Western is Not A Western Without His Villainous Face.
Love Poems: Missing You
'Miss You!' The most frequent expression, used between two people to express the feeling of absence, of the other, in one's life. The feelings that one goes through is being expressed through this poem. Precisely, 'Missing you' is...
Long Time
I miss you.
I Miss You
I miss you...
I Miss You
Fictional to me.
I Miss You
What you think...
I Missed You
You can’t leave me here too long.
Miss You
About how the lose of my youngest son has affected me
Missing You
Written for my youngest son he was 16 days old when he passed away. This poem is written to him telling him how much I miss him and how much my heart aches without him...
We'll miss you
I Miss You My Love.....
Silent night, walking all alone on the beach while bright moon...
I Miss You
It’s a poem about my girlfriend and being apart…
I miss you on net.......
When I log on my computer...