Missing (5) - Final

Short fiction.
Bayonle stares at her naturally long and attractive hair. It has always been one of the reasons he fell in love so easily with her. Her hair dangles on every side as she bangs her head repeatedly inside her duvet. He smiles at this sight. She is indeed beautiful.

"You might lose your ticket before we get to Ita-wura estate if you’re not with your missing package and I will not like to go in, leaving you behind. That’s all I’ve been trying to explain," Bayonle sits beside her now, rubbing her back with his right hand.

The trio sits outdoors enjoying the cool breeze and sipping fruit juice. Femi has just made a funny statement that is making them all to laugh. Omolayo feels it is an opportunity to ask him the question her proud lips have failed to ask since their arrival at the hotel.

"What were you trying to say the other day I walked out on you?" She planned to apologize first but she finds herself not doing that. What’s going on with her these days? She is embittered in her spirit.

"Which day?" Bayonle asks, not sure of who the question is directed to.
"I wasn’t referring to you," Omolayo snaps. "Isn’t that harsh?" her heart whispers to her. She is indifferent.

"Which day?" Femi also asks.

"What? Are my ears hearing correctly?" Omolayo sinks within. "The day you were told to call me after our wedding," she manages to answer.

"Oh! I was only trying to tell you that Bayo said your sister told him that Iya Bolu gave her the luggage."

"Iya Bolu? My mum’s best friend? It means she should know where my special package is." Omolayo stands abruptly from their midst. Femi can see that mixture of anger and curiosity again painted all over her face.

"Where are you going?" Bayonle asks, holding on to her right hand.

"Leave me. I’m going to Iwalewa town to get my missing package. After all, that has been your persistent wish since we arrived."

"We’re all going together."


Mama rushes out excitedly to receive her daughter. She has been expecting her for so long. Omolewa also dances at the sight of her sister. She has missed her.

"You are welcome my daughter," Mama says, embracing her daughter tightly.

Omolayo is shocked. She never expected a warm welcome. It has been one of the reasons she delayed her return. She couldn’t face her mother after the serious warning given the night before her wedding.
"Mama, I’m here to get my missing package," she manages to explain.

"I know," Mama replies with a bright smile.

"What of Iya Bolu?"

"I haven’t seen her since she left on your wedding day. She has never been like that. All efforts to reach her have been futile. I only hope she is fine," Mama responds with a faint hope.

"Mama, please forget about her. I will explain to you later. Let’s go in. I need to pick my package."

They all rush in excitedly.

Omolayo has never had such bright smile since she missed this package. Seeing it lying on her mother’s bed ornaments her beautiful face with a bright smile. She picks it up excitedly and tries opening it.

"Ma’ami what’s in it?" she says has she fumbles with the package.

"IWA!" she screams. No wonder she has been fruitless. She embraces her husband with her package. Her spirit thanks him for accommodating her for so long without IWA. Now, she will be fruitful. Now, she can face her bright future and grand entry into Ita-wura estate.

The End


End Notes

Iwalewa – Character defines true beauty.
Aye – Life.
Ita wura – The Street of Gold.
IWA – Character.


To GOD, the Father of all inspirations, THANK YOU. I will always remain your COURIER.

To my EDITOR, Adesewa Odesanya, thanks for taking time to read through. You’re special.

To YOU, my readers, thanks for following all the way. May you not lack character in life.

P.S: This story is an analogy for the Midweek reflection tomorrow. Follow-up. God bless you.
Published: 3/22/2017
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