Modern Fireplace Mantel Designs

For the lover of modernity in the home, fireplace mantels can be designed accordingly to suit her/his taste. Here are some modern fireplace mantel designs for you to choose from. Take a look.
Fireplaces have gone beyond their sole functionality and become items of home decor that can beautifully serve as focal points in a room. With the concept of faux fireplaces becoming ever so popular, one can understand how the traditional fireplace has evolved into an important piece of interior decorating and decor. What gives the fireplace this appeal? Obviously it is the numerous ways in which the fireplace mantel can be designed that makes these so desirable and wanted in a home where there is indeed no purpose of a fireplace! Faux or real, there is no rule regarding who can have a fireplace and who can't.

What defines modernity in interior design? The term modern can be related to an artistic blend of different materials or to the use of sleek and minimal lines to make the design look simple, yet chic. Here's a look into some modern design ideas for fireplace mantels that you can choose from.

The Mirrored Fireplace Mantel
This is not the traditional idea of placing a mirror above your mantel, but having the fireplace covered entirely with mirror, from the base, up to the chimney. More of a contemporary design, this one will not only look absolutely gorgeous, but will have the space in which it is used, look much larger than it is. If you think a plain mirror is way too much for your space, you can try using patterns on the mirror. Floral patterns, geometric patterns, or abstract patterns, all opaque, used on the mirror, leaving just a few portions of clear mirror will also look simply beautiful. With this modern fireplace mantel design, be assured you will not have to work hard on decorating it or even the rest of your room!

The Brick Fireplace Mantel
A brick fireplace design is not always traditional, and can perfectly be adapted to the modern setting. Have the fireplace made in a sleek design, for instance, in a square shape, or a rectangular shape that extends up to the ceiling (camouflaging the chimney), and protruding a few inches off the wall (about 3"). About 3" above the floor have a long shelf built on the fireplace. From the fireplace it should be protruding by 3" and from the wall, by 6". Use traditional red bricks. Once ready, have the entire brick facade painted white or a neutral gray. Use the shelf on one side of the fireplace to place a few bamboos that extend right up to the ceiling. You may use the bamboo in its original color to add to the freshness of the room, or paint over it to match the decor of your room. The idea is to make an asymmetrical design. On the other shelf, place smaller items of décor such as a sleeping figure, a cluster of pots of varied heights, etc.

The Marble Fireplace Mantel
Fireplace mantels created with marble need not have elaborate moldings and traditional designs. Marble is another one of those materials that can be molded into the modern setting. Use solid colored marbles, or marble with few grains to create the right blend of sleek and elegant with your fireplace mantel. The aforementioned design created with the brick fireplace can be made with marble too! Also, it is not necessary that a fireplace be constructed starting at the floor. It can be built into a wall at a certain height, and can long horizontally. You can then use marble to frame this fireplace and have your room look simply majestic. Paint the wall behind in a dark color such as a deep brown, or even black with traces of texture! Though this is just a fireplace and not exactly a fireplace mantel, it is definitely an idea worth considering.

Experimenting with Shapes for Fireplace Mantels
Modern ideas for fireplace mantels are not restricted to walls but have moved on to become stand alone pieces that speak volumes about the décor of a room.
  • You could choose to have a fireplace mantel in the corner of a room with a protruding chimney, which means you needn't necessarily use the fireplace space you have. A cone shaped or circular facade could then cover up the chimney and could give you a cozy fireplace by which you can snuggle with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite book! For further design, try and create cutouts of different shapes in the circular or conical facade and paint them in any color of your choice.
  • Modern ideas also include using a fireplace as a divider so you enjoy the heat from both sides of a room, yet divide a large space into cozier zones. The fireplace mantel as a divider could begin at the center of a wall and extend to a length up to which you wish to create the division. You need not use the whole length as a fireplace but just decide a certain area in the divider to be a fireplace. The rest of the divider you can use for the purpose of decorating. It could be solid and covered with any of the aforementioned materials, or it could be see-through so that you use various decor ideas and have your large space liven up.
  • Finally, as a stand-alone piece, you could have a circular or even hexagonal fireplace in the middle of a room, around which you can all sit and enjoy the heat. Have it circular up to a certain height, and use the mantel for decorating. Use a stainless steel chimney, and create the ultimate modern fireplace mantel.
Get as creative as you can with these designs to come up with ideas of your own, and create a focal point in your room so that it doesn't need any other decorating efforts.
By Puja Lalwani
Published: 2/24/2011
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