Mold Killer - Mold Killing Products

The article to follow will inform you about mold killer - mold killing products to be specific. Scroll down to know, how to get that annoying mold out of sight and out of mind!
Is mold molding the way things are in your house? Didn't get my point? Allow me to explain. What I mean to say is that is there mold in your house and is it annoying and irritating you to the core, with allergies and sneezing and the like? If it is, something has to be done about it, right? As from what I know and I know you will also agree to the fact that mold is not exactly a thing you would want in your house! The option then is to get rid of mold immediately once you spot the places affected by black mold. There are a number of mold killer and mold killing products available commercially. Or you can also whip up mold removal products at home with things of daily use! Take a look!

Mold Killer Products

There are basically two categories of mold killers - natural or organic and totally commercial and chemical products. Both these have their own pros and cons. But that apart, here is more on what these two basically are.

Natural Mold Killers
There are a number of natural substances, which we use daily which are effective in mold killing. Some of these mold removal products are easily found in the kitchen.

Winner Vinegar
Yes, on top of the charts when it comes to products to remove black mold is distilled white vinegar. Using vinegar to get rid of mold is the best bet. It is safe and you can use it for mold removal on your own too. Just spray it properly on the affected area and let it stay for an hour or so. Then wipe it and wash it off.

Cool Chlorine
Chlorine bleach is yet another mold killer which is recommended for usage at home. But there is one glitch if you want to use this. Be prepared to use it more number of times for reasonable effectiveness because those who have used it say that it is not as effective as commercial mold killers or mold killing products.

Heady Hydrogen Peroxide
Akin to vinegar this too can kill mold effectively and that too without toxic fumes. It works well to kill the mold spores and clean the area well. Hydrogen peroxide is known to be anti fungal and bacterial.

In addition to this, you can consider using grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil and borax as a few amongst the mold cleaning products. Try using a dehumidifier too, this is one of the best solution to your mold problem.

Commercial Mold Killers
There are innumerable brands of mold killer products available in the market. Beginning with mold killing paint, (though it is not directly a mold killing product) to proper chemical mold remediation products or mold retardants. Janitorial supply stores will have a wide range of these mold killing products in the form of mold killer sprays. Which ones are the best and which ones are definitely available is difficult to say because each individual circumstance related to mold is different. For lawns, mold retardants are a must and you can also check out industrial grade mold removal products. Just search for mold killers on the Internet and you will find a plethora of mold killing products. Teflex, Mold Armor Instant Mold and Mildew stain remover are a couple of examples of such products.

At the end of the day, you can use any of the mold removal or mold killing products you want to use, depending on the gravity and mold attack on your house. A very essential point here is to not to forget using protective gear, be it an organic mold killer or an out-and-out chemical mold killer. That's it! I hope this has molded your opinion in connection with how to kill black mold! Till next time, it is adios from me!
By Medha Godbole
Published: 2/2/2011
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