The perfection of a moment.
I look in your eyes and I'm dazzled,
By a love that is free from all sin,
And I look and I seek your approval,
And it seems you're inviting me in.

Your warm breath is soft as a shadow,
A gentle expression of zeal,
So I kiss your lips with a passion,
To show you the love that I feel.

The kiss you return is amazing,
It captures me under its spell,
I surrender my heart without question,
And I bid that you do as you will.

And you caress my mind with your wisdom,
I feel that with you I am pure,
And I feel that I'm free like the eagle,
In whose liberal spirit I soar.

Nor have I felt so contented,
As I feel when I'm in your embrace,
For each little heartbeat is sacred,
And I'll worship your life with full praise.

If this world should end by tomorrow,
In a brimstone and fire end of days,
And if this be our last little moment,
Then let's stop time and in it we'll stay.

Let the world spin away from the moment,
Whilst you and I, in it, remain,
For everything right now is perfect,
And we may not achieve it again.
Published: 5/3/2014
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