Mommy....Listen Please

I'm starting to lose control and my mom just shuts me out.
Darkness is stealing my soul,
I am trying to tell you I’m starting to lose control.
Why won’t you just quit this stupid act?
All I want is for you to come back.

I’m sure I look okay to you,
I have had a lot of time to practice,
But time is now wearing on me,
And now I know it is you I’m starting to miss.

Should I show you my cuts?
Or are the burns already to much proof,
I feel like I am standing on a knife,
One side ends in death the other starts with life.

So mommy please listen everything is not all right,
I no longer feel safe when I’m all alone at night.
I just can’t fight myself anymore,
Save me before I seal my fates door.
Do you think I'm weird for feeling like this?
A bit
Dont know
Depends whts goin on
Not really
Not at all
I'm just like you
Published: 9/16/2010
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