My mom left and did none of this with me but I know this is how I will be.
Around and around
We grab each others hands
My baby girl
And two pink hair bands
Mommy, mommy
Watch me fly
Push me again
I wanna go high

Mommy I fell
My knee is bleeding
Though she is in pain
It's a great feeling
To know you're there
And they need you
It's my job
It's what I do

Mommy where's daddy
As I explain
He went to heaven
And has no more pain
He broke my heart
And tore it to pieces
I hold her tight
And the crying ceases
Sacrifices I made

But I'd do it all again
I miss seeing a little girl
Now and then
Though I'm old
She's still young
And my grand daughters life
Has just begun
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It was ok
Published: 5/8/2010
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