Mom's Job

My mother and I both wrote parts of this one. if you think your mom can relate, send it to her.
I was worried sick, do you even care.
I stayed up all night, till you got here.
What part of ten did you miss.
Hours late, can't handle this.
No more phone, no more nights.
It gets worse with your all fights.

Say your sorry, and then get mad.
but up to here with you I've had.
Stay inside, don't play games.
Bringing it up, calling me names.
I fill you up with hate and rage.
Your still young, an empty page.

Mothers like me are used to pain.
My faith in God is what keeps me sane.
In time you too will grow to see.
The parent and protector I've tried to be.

Letting you make your own mistakes.
But, being here to listen, patience it takes.
Time passes quickly so please be aware.
When you love someone, you always care.
Published: 5/26/2010
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