Monster Under Her Bed

Abusive relationship.
She is in love with the monster under her bed,
He's scary, he's mean, and he poisons her head.

He's the most hideous sight for anyone to behold,
To her, he is a beautiful sin that will never get old.

She rarely sees him as he hides in the darkness,
What does he do all day? Why is he so heartless?

To say his name aloud, she feels that she cannot,
Yet she is attached to him, bound to him by a knot.

It seems like a daydream to think he was kind,
How he enchanted her with his heart and mind.

He told her they will share this one bed eternally,
To this day, she clings to that fairytale so wistfully.

She cries for him, but her pleas only angers the beast,
He merely collects her tears, contributing to his feast.

Sometimes, he's silent and she thinks he has died,
Or maybe he's found another bed where he resides.

Her bed feels cold and empty, much like her heart,
Sadly, life isn't a game, there is no option to restart.

She tried to untie the knot and pull away from him,
She's shackled to the bed, unable to sink or swim.

Days turn to years, she's chained with no escape,
Gradually, deteriorating and losing her body shape.

She is a little girl trapped in a woman's body,
Not her body, she has no body, she is nobody.

She's starving and cold, hoping that he'll care,
Hoping, he'll see past his own hopeless despair.

Forever, she'll lay waiting for him to soothe her pain,
Waiting for him to talk, hold, and love her again.

For she's in the love with the monster under her bed,
She will love him so, even when her heart has bled.
Published: 9/18/2018
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