Monstrous Mother

This mom does get cruel, at times.....
All were in deep sleep.
Sun had begun to peep.
They were hours of dawn.
I was disturbed by my own yawn!
Cawing of crows sounded weird.
I grew thoughtful scratching my beard.
Ominous, sounded the street dog's bark.
Suddenly, floor under was starting to crack.
Fan from the ceiling fell on my back.
Before I could realize, I went dark.
How long was I under the debris?
I will survive only if someone sees!
My heart was beating hard.
Feebly, I was praying god.
I was smothered by debris and dust.
To survive, I tried my level best.
Savior came in the form of clock!
Its ticking was sharply heard in the dark.
Footsteps were heard above.
Debris, the crane started to remove.
I could see streaks of sunlight.
I was pulled out by an armored knight!
Mother earth, how could you be a nightmare?
To kill and hurt your own, how did you dare?
Your quake and shake are disastrous.
That turns you in to a monster, most dangerous!

Published: 7/23/2008
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