Mood Ring Color Chart

Mood rings have taken over the fashion scene by storm, since the 1970s. Nowadays, these rings are more common among teenagers. Take a look at the chart given in this article to know what these mood rings mean.
Mood rings function on the basis of our body temperature. The thing is, as the body changes its temperature, the ring too changes its color. This happens because mood rings contain liquid crystals, which move when the body temperature changes, so the light that is reflected also fluctuates. This is what causes the ring to change its color. Mood rings are one of those fashion trends, which every generation goes through. Let's take a look at what the mood rings color signify.

Simple Mood Ring Color Chart

Color Meaning
Black Stress, Anger, Mystery
Gray Nervous, Anxious
Amber Vague, Tired, Distracted
Green Normal, Placid, Envy, Jealousy
Blue Happy, At ease, Blissful, Content
Purple Crabby, Moody, Desired, Mystical, Sensual
Magenta Happy, Warm, Affectionate
Red Passion, Love, Anger, Insecurity
Orange Excited, Slightly daring, Thinking of an idea
White Introspective, Meditative, Bored, Feeling indifferent
Brown Puzzled, Restless, Worried
Dark Blue Deeply relaxed, Romantic

Mood Ring Color Chart Meaning

Black: This color signifies very intense emotion like stress, anger and mystery. This shade shows up when the person wearing the ring is nervous or tense about something.

Gray: Say you are sitting in your class and your teacher catches you sleeping. He then tells you to come up and sing a song. Well, I'm guessing you can't sing, so look down at your ring and it will be gray. So when a person is nervous or anxious, the ring will change the color to gray.

Amber: This is a yellow shade. Yellow usually shows up when you are going through a change in emotions or if you are experiencing a range of emotions. You could be feeling vague, tired or distracted.

Red: This color shows up when one is experiencing strong emotions like passion, love, adventure, excitement and eagerness. Red can also signify fear, anger and insecurity.

Magenta: This color will show up when you are in a happy mellow mood like when you head to the mall with your girlfriends. If you find yourself feeling all warm and affectionate, like when you see your puppy running towards you, take a look at your ring, it will be magenta in color.

Brown: This color shows up when you are puzzled, restless or worried. Like say, for example you are taking a math test and you have no idea what the answer to that equation is.

Orange: This is one color that I'm guessing should always be on rings worn by girls. It shows up when one is excited or slightly over the edge and busy searching for the car keys. It also mean that you are feeling daring and are thinking of an idea.

Blue: As far as mood rings are concerned, blue represents being happy and at ease. If you are feeling blissful and content like just after eating a chocolate cake, then the ring is going to be blue.

Dark Blue: Your ring will become dark blue when you are deeply relaxed and feeling romantic. Think of walks on the beach with your crush strolling along with you. Yes, the color on that ring on your finger will be dark blue.

Purple: Purple will show up when you are feeling crabby and moody. It can also signify that you are feeling mystical and sensual. So if you are suddenly feeling desired by your man, then purple is the color you will see.

Green: Green represents a more normal and placid state of mind. When you are not stressed and have nothing to do, the ring will be green but it can also mean something quite contrary like envy and jealousy.

White: This color will show up when you are in an introspective mood or when you are meditative. It can also show up if you are bored, or feeling indifferent.

Mood ring color scale can vary according to the type of ring you purchase. Armed with this color chart, you can now guess how your friends are feeling, then again who needs a chart to guess how their friends are feeling?
By Gagan Dhillon
Published: 1/9/2010
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