Stories With Morals

Stories with morals are popular since times immemorial. All stories have morals - while some are obvious, the others are underlying. Our section on these stories is a mix of happy, sad, humorous, and sombre stories that give readers a little to be learned from them. It is the little things that we learn from moral stories that take us way ahead in life. You will surely like this section on short stories with morals. Moral of the story: Keep reading!
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Feline's Favor
It's a story wherein an unconditional deed is prized! A girl gets rescued by a black cat in exchange for the love the girl gave her through food. Black cats are always cursed as an evil or the one who brings evil and bad luck, but...
The Idiot
To some, philanthropy is a way to evade paying taxes, to others, it's a way to pretend to be merciful. But to some, it's their lifeline. Anvi always called Samhar an idiot. Until his kindness makes her obligated to repay him, she...
Girls are Precious
What do you think about the girls in this world? Are they really precious?
So Easy to Solve a Problem
I hope this short story will help people think the problem in two sides! Enjoy, guys! Love you!
One record became reason to create many records.
Just One Reason
Nobody can change a person but someone can be the reason for a person to change.
What Was the Dream?
A fantasy story that we wanted it to happen in real time.
Friends Last Forever
This story describes the true friendship and teaches us to behave in the same way.
An Invisible Lady
Being invisible is what a lady tries to change, but visibility gives her a misfortune. Let's read and learn a lesson at the end. Be happy!
Nickolias' Hand
A story about faith and wisdom. Please comment!
A Man Without A Soul
A little ghost story for Christmas.
Advocate for Faith - Session 9 (Part 1)
A detailed introduction to the Mark of the Beast, spoken about in the Biblical Book of Revelation. This is 'Advocate for Faith', bringing to your attention the morals and issues of today's society.
Advocate for Faith - Session 8 (Part 2)
The only commandment that begins with, "Remember," has been forgotten. This is 'Advocate for Faith', bringing to your attention the issues and morals of today's society.
Advocate for Faith - Session 8 (Part 1)
A very important session which forms the cornerstone of part 2 of this segment of 'Advocate for Faith' will be coming soon...
Advocate for Faith - Session 7
What is the word of God and how does it relate to the Lamb of God? What are God's laws and its purpose? This is Advocate for Faith, bringing to your attention the issues of today's society.
My Prophetic Dream
For all readers and viewers of my column, 'Advocate for Faith'. Feedback will be greatly appreciated. God bless.
Advocate for Faith - Session 6
We delve into chapter 1 of the Book of Revelation. Only specific verses are looked at in some detail. Mysteries are risen and room is made for curiosity. Come, take this journey with me on a weekly basis. This is Advocate for Faith!
Advocate for Faith - Session 5
Beware these are the last days; an introduction to 'The Book of Revelation'.
Parable of The Pencil
Here's food for thought!
Advocate for Faith - Session 4
A very important session; God bless and enjoy learning what's right.
Advocate for Faith - Session 3
Blessed is he who walks not in the council of the unGodly.
The Wimpy Kid Smithfield (And How He Got His Revenge)
If you are going to pick on somebody weaker than you, better make sure he doesn't have a big friend.
Advocate for Faith - Session 2
From the author of, 'Love's To Die For', 'The Secret She Carried' and my newest story, 'All but a Dream' bringing to your attention, the morals and values of society!
To Each His Own, But Don't Let Others Down!
Is doing your own thing, wrong? Where does the line between following your dreams and doing the right thing for the family end?
Advocate for Faith - Session 1
A devised weekly column addressing the issues, morals and values of today's society.
Don't Rock the Boat Unless You Know How to Swim! - Part 2
Growing up can be painful and without the proper tools it can be a disaster.
Don't Rock the Boat Unless You Know How to Swim! - Part 1
Sometimes protecting a child too much can be wrong. They grow up to be adults who though intelligent, lack the survival instinct.
Silence is Golden, But not Always!
Silence is only good as long as you are being treated fairly. Sometimes it is better to voice what is in your mind rather than keeping quiet.
Sink or Swim - There is Always a Choice!
Even when things seem hopeless, the important thing is to stay afloat and keep our hopes up, rather than slip into gloom.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Or Else Get Bitten!
When you start doing things on an impulse knowing that it is wrong, then you are definitely headed for trouble.
Don't Do The Wrong Thing In The Heat Of The Moment; It Is Likely To Burn You!
Decisions are better when made with cool logic than in the heat of emotions. Do you agree?
Patience is a Virtue; But be Patient with Only Those who Deserve it!
Too much patience with the wrong person will only harm you. When you decide to be nice to somebody, be sure they are worth it.
When You Dance with the Devil, Beware of the Peril!
Dancing with the devil is like holding a double-edged sword. While the sword will slice things that you want to, you may also end up cutting yourself.
If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em - This Way You Always Win!
To bend or break - this is the choice we often face. We always think by giving in we are letting go of our pride. The opposite is true, you can gain a lot by wise compromise!
Two’s Company, Three's A Crowd; But That Is Fine If You Like Crowds!
Do not let your long-term habits cloud your judgment and stop you from letting somebody new into your life. Letting a new person enter your tight little clique can sometimes add a new dimension.
Don’t Burn Your Bridges; You Never Know When You Will Need Them!
When you start letting your anger and pride get the better of you, it is downhill all the way from there. Haste can really result in waste.
Remember - It's Not Over Till It's Over!
When sometimes fate whacks you in the face, the best thing to do is get up, dust yourself and move on.
Don't Jump To Conclusions - It Can Really Hurt!
When you jump from great heights you can hurt yourself, but you can end up hurting yourself even more when you jump to conclusions.
Short Story Basket (5)
Deleting the story
Never Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face!
Is it better to swallow your ego sometimes than to spoil everything? I think everyone faces this dilemma one time or the other in their lives.
Choose Other Ways To Solve Problems Than Taking The Bull By The Horns!
Though deceiving someone is a deplorable act, it can help in some situations. The key is knowing when to stop.
Sometimes Reopening An Old Wound Can Heal It!
The path to healing old wounds can often be painful, that is why we avoid the issue. But for complete healing you should overlook the little pain you go through, to heal completely and move forward.
Is It Possible To Sail In Two Boats At Once And Manage Not To Sink?
Is it our prerogative as a human being to keep another person in the wings just so that we have choice? Isn't it better to be clear about what we want and make the choice as soon as possible?
Count Your Blessings, Even If They Are In Disguise!
Sometimes when we are longing for something we have lost, we forget to look at the blessings that we do have. In life it is always important to pause and take stock once in a while.
An Ax To Grind; When Actions Do Not Match Intentions!
Sometimes some actions with the best of intentions, could lead to the wrong conclusions, leaving the other person with an unnecessary issue. Think things through and then proceed.
When It Comes To Destiny, Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!
Can we really control our destiny? Or is it the luxury enjoyed by a privileged few? It is indeed a question we all face at one time or another.
A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush?
This is a story about sometimes hankering for too much and losing whatever you have in hand. It is better to enjoy what you have than to pine what you don't!
Time to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!
This is a story that tells you that before trusting someone completely you need to know a little about them, otherwise you may have to pay a really high price.
500 Rupee Note
Wonderful experience just from a 500 rupee note.
Addicted - One More Life Destroyed
Zack's story is not an unusual one. It's actually pretty sad and I hope you read and understand what I've tried to write.
The Lesson
An exercise in perspective.
Her Story
The ones who love us, never really leave us.
Heather's Story
We can stop it!
The Race Horse
Short story with moral.
Tera's Car Crash
Lovers torn apart by death once again. Tragic love story. Lesson learned: live, laugh, love, because you never know how much time you have.
A Wish that Almost Came True...
Mark hopes for a magical solution for his dreary life. Read on to know and understand if there is a little bit of Mark in all of us...
Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater - Story 2
Here is another love story. The moral is once a cheater, always a cheater!
Essay By Johnny
One day at the end of class Little Johnny’s teacher asks the students to go home and think of a story, to be...