More Jokes I Made Up (2)

Which side of the river?
There was a river, on one side was a blonde, and on the other side a red-head. The red-head wanted to cross the river, but there wasn't a bridge in sight. So she shouted: "Hey blonde, how do you get to the other side?" The blonde was confused and shouted back: "What do you mean, you are already on the other side!!!"

The Blonde, Red-head and the Brunette (Pt.1)
One day, a blonde, a red-head and a brunette were running away from the police because they did something extremely bad. While they were running, they saw three sacks of potatoes so they all jumped into one each. When the police came along, they decided to search the potato sacks. They opened the first sack where the brunette was hiding,
Brunette: "Woof! Woof!"
The police thought it was a stray dog, so they went to the second sack where the red-head was hiding.
Red-head: "Meow! Meow!"
The police thought it was a stray cat, so they went to the third bag where the blonde was hiding. The blonde put her hands over her head and shouted: "POTATO! POTATO! POTATO!"

The Blonde, Red-head and the Brunette (Pt.2)
The three girls were escorted into the police execution site. The executioner aimed at the red-head.
Executioner: "Ready, Aim,..........!"
The red-head suddenly screamed: "TORNADO! TORNADO!"
All the police ducked down and the red-head ran away. So the executioner pointed the gun at the brunette.
Executioner: "Ready, Aim,..........!"
The brunette screamed: " ALIENS!, ALIENS!"
All the police turned around just in time to see the brunette ran out of the police station.
So at last the executioner pointed the gun at the blonde.
Executioner: "Ready, Aim,..........!"
The blonde jumped up and pointed at the police station: "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!"
Published: 7/12/2008
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