Most Respected Professions

Do you have any idea as to which are the most respected professions? This article will give you the list of some such respectful jobs. Read on and learn more...
When I was a kid, my elders used to tell me one thing, to respect work, to respect all kinds of professions no matter how menial it might seem. But now, frankly speaking, the first thing that someone asks you is, what your profession is and their behavior towards you depends on that. One will treat a teacher with all due respect but someone from not so respected job will not get the required respect no matter even if he is as intelligent as the teacher. Hence, while on a job search, people usually look for the most respected professions. Given below is a list which is going to help take up some of the respectful jobs.

Professors from Different Fields

All professions are respectful and as long as you are happy doing what you are doing, no matter what others say, that job is the most respected profession for you. Still, the society has marked out some of the popular jobs and the top 10 jobs have been discussed below.

The first place in the most respected profession goes to the doctors. The profession of a doctor goes way back into the past with all the healers, druids and witchdoctors and then the professional healers, all of them have been respected, and their dedication and work of treating the sick and the injured, has been appreciated by all. No wonder they top the list. This is also one of the highest paying jobs.

Armed Forces
They stay away from their families for years, they sacrifice their lives and all these for whom? To protect us common people and the nation from enemies. If this profession did not make it to the list, then I would have been surprised.

If anyone deserves a standing applause for trying to get rid of illiteracy from the face of the world, then it's the teachers. By teachers I not only mean all those who teaches in schools and colleges but also those who travel to the poorest countries or to the rural areas to educate the people there, so that they (the poor and illiterate people) can lead a better life. In return these teachers might get peanuts, but still teaching is one of the most noble and respected jobs.

Remember those firefighters who lost their lives while trying to douse the fire at the WTC? Who can forget those brave hearts who sacrificed their lives just to save the lives of those who were trapped inside. Hats off to these firefighters who work day and night, who are ready to help people in any emergency situations, and rescue people and property from all types of accidents and disaster.

Engineers are the people who play a major role in the economic development of a country or a city. They are the ones who designs buildings and machines and that in turn makes our lives more comfortable. If you can be an engineer then nothing like it.

Be it in the field of medicine or in the technological field, scientists are always finding out new ways to help us, to make our lives simpler, to get rid of some of the deadliest diseases, and so on. If you have an inclination for science, and love to experiment with things then this is the profession that you could go for.

Chief Executive Officer or the CEO
Imagine, the future of a company depends upon this one particular person. The workers who are working in the company do have an important role to play in the running of the company, but if the CEO was not there, then the company would have gone to 'the dogs'. Building up a team, looking into the financial aspects of the company, aiming for the company's goal, etc. are some of the important responsibilities of the CEO.

Police Officers
Working round the clock catching thieves, murderers, solving murder mysteries and other dangerous criminal cases, these are some of the main activities of a police officer. Some of these sound dangerous, but they are exciting. Being a police officer needs lot of courage, will power and dedication to safeguard the law. If you feel you possess these qualities, you can apply for this job and believe me, this is the most respected profession.

One small decision by the judge can change history, can save a person, can end a person's life, can make new laws and so on. If you have any inclination towards the legal system of the country, then this is a job for you.

Representing your country in front of hundreds of people, winning that gold or silver or bronze for your country, seeing your national flag flying high above the other flags, getting goose bumps when you see the whole world standing up when they are playing your national anthem...being an athlete is another respectable job for you if you are that sports oriented person.

Of course, this list does not mean that the other professions or career opportunities that you are currently following or would like to pursue in the future, are the least respected professions, but if the list was for the top 20, even those professions would have had their names here. It is important to be happy with what you are doing. If you have the will power and dedication to work hard, success and respect will definitely follow.
By Ratnashri Dutta
Published: 12/16/2010
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