Mother Poems

The most wonderful person in your life, someone who means the world to you, someone who loves you, cares for you all your life... your mother. Here is our collection of poems for mother, poems about loving her, missing her, and much more. Keep reading.
A Mother's Prayers
In her heart, she deeply care for her children, she prayed to God for their lives to keep.(A poem inspired by my beloved mother misses Hellen Lopwonya) may God keep you healthy and joyfully for me Amen.
Dear Mother
My mother gave up her family for a worthless man.
I Will Only Think Of You
Dedicated to Mummy, Gloria Bamiloye in celebration of Mothers' day. She's a woman of several consignments, yet, a champion in all respects.
In a World of Silence
A mother and daughter struggle, as daughter claims that she resents her mom. Because during her preteen years, her mom remarried and they relocated to another state....refusing to accept the change, and remains stuck in the past...
My First and Endless Love
A poem I wrote for my Mother on this day (Mother's day). She is the best gift that life can ever give.
All About My Momma
This is a poem about my mother.
My Mom, My Jewel!
To my mother... she really deserves more.
Mother Forgive Me
What would have happened if I had succeeded in killing myself?
My Mother
This is a poem I wrote from my mother's point of view.
Can I Call You Mom?
Did your mom run out on you?
On Mother's Day
Every day of my life has been a mother's day...
My Mother's Love
This poem is dedicated to all mothers in the world, especially to my mother Mila Calinao Dy. I love you, mom! Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day
This poem is dedicated to all mothers in the world, especially to my mother Mila Calinao Dy, Mommy Perla Bautista, Mamaloyan, Nanay Soling, Kissy Dy Pascual, Ate Lalot, Judan, Nikkie, Auntie Julieta Dy Yulo, Irmie Calinao, Dolores...
Ode to My Mother
This is a poem for my Momma.
What Should I Give You for Mother's Day?
I gave this poem to my mother, Akosua Ntim-Addae, for Mother's Day and her birthday. Enjoy!
The Daughter You Never Had
A mother will always love her child, no matter what he or she is like.
Sorry Will Never Be Enough
Poem about how being mean really hurts and how sorry I am.
A birthday present for my Mom.
My Mom and Me
This is about my relationship with my mom. I was feeling down, so I decided to put it in poem form.
Where You Are..
For the woman who gave birth to me. Where ever in the world she is.
A Poem for Wonderful Mother
Poem for a loving mother.
Mother's Wish
I remembered my mother's last wish for my life.
To you momma I love you.
Everything Will Be Fine
Not where it was meant to go, but I'm okay with it.
You and I
A loving poem from the heart.
Mum.... I love you!
Mama's Love
A poem describing a daughters love for and memories of her mother.
An Apology
A poem I wrote for my mom, <3
Dear Mom
It's about the memories I have when I was younger, that I miss!
Mommy....Listen Please
I'm starting to lose control and my mom just shuts me out.
Its Way More Than That
Short poem about me and my mom....
"Mother's & Children"
A poem for all Mother's, Grandmothers, or women that have had children in their lives.
O Mother!
A Little something for my mom.
Candle Of Love!
This verse is a tribute to every mom...
Mom's Job
My mother and I both wrote parts of this one. if you think your mom can relate, send it to her.
Little Angel
A teenage girl who is bemused over the conventions of "HER" life, and who wishes to change things around her.
My mom left and did none of this with me but I know this is how I will be.
I wrote this about my mom...
Love You Ma
One of the most important day of everyone's life is their mom's birthday. I Love you ma and this is a birthday gift from me, to exhibit my happiness that I have you, the lady who brought me in this world and made me all that I am!...
Melissa Ann McGee
This is for my mommy...because she supports me in all of my dreams....this is bcuz she asked for it.
I Love You Mom
Everyone loves their mother, but we often fail to express our feelings whenever she is around. This poem portrays my feelings towards my mom whom I love the most, but neither could express it nor give her what she deserves. I love...
Someone Called Mother
This poem is all about a daughter's love for her mother.
She is Mother!
Can we ever be grateful enough for the gift of 'mother'. She literally lives through each moment of agony with us and yet adulthood brings in convenient amnesia. This one is for you, ma...
Anytime, Mother
Mommy dearest...
This is something simple that I wrote to my mum it is a little thing too show her how much that I love her & thank you mum you're everything to me
Mother's Tears
Child grows big and ....
An Old Mother Dies
When it rains it pours...about what's in the rain
Ardent Prayer
Ailing mother's pain...
My wonderful mother......
I thank God for giving me a wonderful mother...