Mother's Tears

Child grows big and ....
Children growing big is a good thing.
They do fly out with their newly developed wing.
Their parents are the mentors of this independence.
But, the mother does miss their dependence!
How she reminisces her days of mothering?!
All those thoughts and sweet memories keep bothering.
Their absence in her routine is her newly found worry.
Her eyes get moist at the sight of a cake or cherry!
She looks forward to their short holiday and long vacation.
She draws big plans for the entire duration.
Her husband is not unaware of her mental state.
But he is unable to help his better half and mate.
Each and every night is looked forward to.
To hear her child’s voice, she longs to.
She worries to no extent about their food and sleep……
At home she always was there to guide them at every step.
She consoles her mind that it is for their betterment.
They will make her proud by their achievement.
Yet, her pillow is drenched with tears.
Her heavy heart and sobs, night’s darkness covers.
This law of life she is unable to take.
Nor is she able to bend it or break.
Children’s busy life allows annual family union.
With the passage of time she gets reconciled to this pattern.
Being a mother is a pleasure with slight pain!
Motherhood, your love is divine.
Our salutes to you in obeisance!
We bow in absolute reverence!!
Published: 8/21/2008
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