Mouse Deterrent

What are the different types of mouse deterrent? How effective are they in repelling rats from the house? Well, if you are worried about rat infestation in your house, then read this article to get the solutions.
If your house has been infested with rats, then it is time to take immediate action for driving them away. One of the most nuisance creating pests is a group mice crawling on the floors, eating foods, cutting cloths and damaging a lot of other things. The traditional mouse traps although effective, is sometimes dangerous when children and pets are present in your home. You can also opt for the pest control measures that act as an effective mouse deterrent.

Types of Mouse Deterrents

So how to kill mice? Preparing a natural mouse deterrent at home is one of the best ways to eliminate mice. This involves preparing recipes that are toxic to them. You can also purchase chemical products for overcoming the problem of rat infestation. The trap will work well if you consider the safety measures for keeping them at home. The quick methods for preventing mice invasion are explained below.
  • Mouse deterrent peppermint is is an age-old technique that acts as a wonderful mouse repellent. Rats and mice are sensitive towards the smell of peppermint oil. Dip a few cotton balls in peppermint oil and spread them on the place where mice are most likely to visit. You can also keep the peppermint soaked balls inside your wardrobe.
  • You can also prepare a mixture by combining peppermint leaves with peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and cloves. Crush the leaves and cloves and add them into the oil. Keep this mixture in a wide mouth bottle or a bowl and place it in the corners of your house. In a few days you will notice that your house is free from rats.
  • Mice cannot tolerate the smell of ammonia. And therefore, you can use it as a repellent. Fill one or two bottles with ammonia and place the bottles in those places most visited by the rats. Loosely cap the bottles with plastic caps so that it will open immediately while the rats try to get hold of it. Take necessary precautions while handling the ammonia.
  • While purchasing a mouse trap you should ensure its effectiveness. Place it on places that are not in the vicinity of your pets. After the mice have been killed you can hire a professional to remove them from your house.
  • With the advent of technology, ultrasonic devices have been invented and that is a great way to get rid of rats. The devices emit ultrasonic sounds that are quite annoying to rodents. The sounds will be inaudible to you but they will cause immense disturbance to rats and other rodents present in your house. You can simply plug the device to your electric outlet and switch on the machine for producing the effect. The noise will penetrate the ceilings and walls causing irritation to them. This way they will be compelled to leave your house.
  • Moth balls are available in grocery stores and departmental stores. Although not as effective as poisons they keep away mice from invading your wardrobe, cars, store rooms, refrigerators, etc. Buy a packet of moth balls and spread them on the necessary places. The strong smelling toilet cakes are also effective in repelling rats.
  • The commercial mouse repellents and poisons are the best remedy to keep away mice. They have certain combination that are toxic to rats. Some of the reputed brands are Mouse Away Concentrate, Crane Creek Gardens Fresh Cab, Shake-Away Rodent Powder, Ratty Organic Rodent Repellent, etc.
These were some of the effective strategies to eradicate rats and mice from house. While using rat poisons or mouse traps for rodent control, make sure they are away from the reach of your children and pets. Apart from implementing these measures, you should also keep your house, storerooms and wardrobe clean so that it doesn't become a habitat for pests.
By Saptakee Sengupta
Published: 1/6/2011
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