Mouth Blisters Remedies

Have you recently got mouth blisters? If yes, read on for some effective remedies to treat the same.
Mouth blisters, also known as canker sores, can occur in a person, on account of a lot of reasons, such as improper diet, infection caused by the usage of improper oral care products, hormonal problems, consumption of food which is too hot or spicy, food allergy, biting the tongue accidentally, and lastly, due to a bacterial infection. Mouth sores can occur in the mouth, on the lips, tongue, gums, and inside of the cheeks. Although, they get healed on their own, yet they can cause great pain and discomfort to the sufferer. Here are some effective home remedies which will fasten the healing process.

Baking Soda
Baking soda helps in reducing the built up of bacteria in the mouth. So, post brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with a mouthwash prepared at home by adding two teaspoons of baking powder in a cup of lukewarm water. Simply apply a paste made from one teaspoon each of baking soda and water, directly on the sores.

One of the most effective remedies for mouth blisters is to eat papaya everyday. Chewing on fresh papaya leaves is equally effective. Papaya tablets, which you will get at herbal stores can be taken as well.

Saline Mixture
Make a mixture with salt and water, and gargle your mouth with it three to four times a day. This helps in sterilization of the blisters, and stops the infection from spreading.

Foods to Avoid
Mouth blisters can cause pain, to reduce the pain, refrain from eating spicy foods or drinking beverages that are too hot such as tea and coffee. Spicy foods, acidic foods, foods which are very salty, dairy products and abrasive foods such as nuts and chips, should be avoided at all costs as they might irritate the blister even more.

Diet plays a very important role in both healing as well as preventing mouth blisters from occurring in future. Yogurt and vitamin B rich foods such as whole grains and green vegetables, help in the healing process, so they should be included in the diet.

Herbal teas, such as sage tea, are especially beneficial to speed up the healing process. Application of paste prepared from mint leaves, helps in clearing up the blisters too. A useful herbal recipe for curing mouth blisters is to mix tinctures of echinacea, oats, calendula, burdock, and lomatium, in equal quantities, and taking a teaspoon of this mixture five to six times a day. This is one of the best remedies, which will help in killing the bacteria present in the mouth, as well as in the removal of toxins from the body.

Besides these, other effective mouth blisters remedies are, rinsing the mouth with aloe vera juice or grapefruit seed extract, applying alum, rubbing ice on the blisters, as well as applying onion juice on them, few times a day. These home remedies are perhaps the best way to get rid of these blisters. Medications that are available, actually do not treat them. They only numb the area so that the pain and discomfort is minimized. Mouth is one of the fastest healing parts of the human body hence, giving the blisters time to heal as well as following the above-mentioned remedies is their ideal treatment.
By Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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