Mr. Lacey

5/11/17.... This is to do with my ex who I lost and I lost myself as well... he was not a teacher he was 17.
Here I am I guess it's not a first,
I think I would remember by now,
It's a good thing I can hide it,
Mr. Lacey I wish you were here.

Sometimes, I want to scream,
Yet, I'm stopped in a heartbeat,
Mr. Lacey you are here!

You fill me with happiness and hope,
Yet, all this is slipping away,
I'm getting very worried,
I'm worried, it's my insecurities,
Please Mr. Lacey come back to me.

All I need is a sign,
This could come from up above,
Or in a place with lots of love,
Do you see it now Mr. Lacey?

Frozen to the roots,
The eyes ignite the fire,
Tears are slipping by,
I said I'll be fine!

Mr. Lacey what is wrong,
Where is the darkness from,
Mr. Lacey where's your voice,
What happened to the noise,
Mr. Lacey your pain is haunting,
Maybe it will fade and die out,
Mr. Lacey is that all?

I never knew forever ends,
Dreams sure do burst,
In their wake nightmares lurk,
In the depths deep below something waits,
Isolate all the frost,
That's where the venom bites,
Up or down or left or right I don't know.

The future was not a story,
Things untold left at ease,
Every hurdle overcome is undone,
Who know what happens now.

Mr. Lacey what was ours,
I wonder Mr. Lacey if your memories left,
Mr. Lacey was it all a cover,
Did you listen to another,
Mr. Lacey who caused this,
What held and bound such a strength,
Mr. Lacey was their love,
Mr. Lacey what do you mean,
I don't know if this is enough,
Mr. Lacey look in my heart,
Feel the burn of my eyes,
See what is invisible to others,
Mr. Lacey I think I get it,
But what if it's too late.

Mr. Lacey there he was,
Mr. Lacey was no more,
Lost myself and my shields,
Build the walls surrounding me,
You were a part of me Mr. Lacey,
Mr. Lacey was part of one,
Split in two for his love,
Keep safe and unattached,
Mr. Lacey and his soul,
Helping those he cares about,
We were found but now lost,
Mr. Lacey and I no more,
Well, that's what I guess from it all.
Published: 11/29/2017
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