Muscle Toning Exercises

Staying in shape is the most important thing. Exercises for muscle toning help you get that perfect body which you always desired. Read on to know how...
Every man wants to look macho and every woman desires that hourglass figure. A well planned workout can help you get there. Not all of us here can manage going to the gym. There are a few exercises which you could do at home and live a healthier life, rather than follow those fad diets which leave you malnourished and well most of the time just hungry! These exercises are time tested and a sure shot and healthy way to get into shape.

Muscle Toning

Before you get into toning workouts, it is important to chalk out a plan for yourself. A proper schedule of the exercises over a span of time should work just fine. Here is an example of the schedule. Muscles of different organs have to be toned and therefore it is necessary to concentrate on each part.

Day Routine
1 Stomach, Biceps and Back Muscles
2 Stomach and Thighs
3 Triceps Chest and Stomach Muscles
4 Stomach Thighs and Hip Muscles
5 Biceps, Stomach and Back Muscles
6 Stomach and Thighs
7 Triceps,Chest and Back Muscles

This is just an example to show the way you need to divide your time while working out and concentrate on different body parts. You can modify the schedule according to your needs and instructions. Below are a few exercises for men and women.

Muscle Toning Workouts

  • Dumbbells- lb -5lb
  • Equipment to maintain resistance for your muscles to work against. Water bottles or tin of food are also fine.
Shoulder and Chest Exercise
For this you need to lie on your back with your arms stretched out above your head. Grasp your weights and bring them down to your hips in a semi circular motion. Go back to the original position and repeat.

Back and Chest Exercise
Sit with your back against a support. Hold the weights near your chest and elbows stretched to the side, while your legs should be stretched in front of you. Stretch your arms outwards to the sides an pull them back to the original position and repeat.

Shoulders and Upper Arms Exercise
Stand with your feet apart and raise your arms above your head holding the weights. Bring your arms down while bending it at the elbow. Shoulder exercises should be done with care as, the chances of an injury are more in case you get the exercise wrong. Go back to the original position and repeat.

These were a few sure shot ways to tone your muscles. Here are a few easy exercises for women, which could be done at home.

Easy Muscle Toning Exercises

These easy exercises tighten the sagging muscles that you see and makes you look healthy and fit.

Abdominal Crunches
Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Rest your feet only on your toes. Push yourself upwards to get into a sitting position with your legs stretched. Try not to bend your knees. Crunches are very good to tone stomach muscles.

Dry Swimming
This is a good exercise to tone your arms and legs. Lie down on your stomach and keep your arms stretched in front of you. Lift your left arm and right leg simultaneously and hold the position to the count of three. Return to the original position and then repeat with the right arm and left leg.

Wall Sit
Stand against the wall with your feet apart and keep your heels away from the wall by a foot. Slide against the wall till you attain a sitting position like a squat in the chair, with your thighs parallel to the floor. Hold the position to the count of five and go back to the original position and repeat. This a good thigh exercise to tone your legs.

Points to Remember
Remember all these workouts must be repeated at least 10 times. Never skip a workout, the body is continuously metabolizing nutrients in your body toning your muscles. If you skip your muscle building exercises and are not regular do not expect to get into shape.

These exercises are to be done with a lot of sincerity and care. A small move in the wrong direction and you may end up injuring yourself. Therefore consider doing these only when you are sure about being dedicated.
By Ashlesha Bhondwe
Published: 1/14/2011
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