Music Then Vs. Music Now

How passionate are you about music?
For those of us who were born in ‘90s, we surely take a lot of pride in our childhood and pretty much everything about our childhood including the movies, cartoons, gadgets in some cases. And then there is ‘90s music. If you are someone who takes music very seriously, you can’t help but notice how drastically the music listening experience has changed over the years while the entertainment value of music remains high as ever. Just ask yourself the following questions and let's try to paint a picture from a music lovers’ perspective.

How important is music for your entertainment? You need music in life. No question about that. Be it a nice cheesy soundtrack at the end of your favorite movie or be it some romantic songs to be played in background while you are having the much awaited and anticipated candle light dinner. Or at least you need something to dance to in a DJ party right? And just like that music these days seem to be playing the second fiddle role to pretty much every segment of entertainment. I understand you like music but after a long tiring day how passionate are you about music to just sit down tight and listen to your favorite song and doing absolutely nothing else? It is indeed great to listen to all the new songs as soon as they come out in YouTube, but the excitement of buying a new CD and exploring that colorful CD booklet with lyrics printed all over it is a whole different story trust me.

How large is your music collection? If you make a list of extinct hobbies, music collection would probably top it. A rich cassette rack or a pile of CD's in late 90's and early 2000s would earn the bragging right for every 90s kid and it created a significant sense of ownership which only took their passion for music to a higher level. It didn’t take long for the dream of carrying music around to come into reality, thanks to internet as usual. Even then I have heard people bragging about their 100 GB music collection and what they went through to collect it. Yes you may have your smartphone filled with tons of songs nowadays but that sense of ownership is long gone. No matter how passionately you dance to the song played by the DJ, your passion for real music remains questionable.
Who do you think is your favorite artist?

Sound likes a fairly simple question but just when you think about it you realize it's not that simple whatsoever. I listen to ‘closer’ by the chain smokers or ‘shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran thousand times a day even then I am really going to have to think twice before I rate them as favorite. Try and compare it with the time when you first fell in love with Metallica or Michael Jackson or Led zeppelin for that matter and you will get a clear picture of what I am trying to say. Even now you come back from a James or a Ayub Bachchu concert with a satisfied soul and exhausted body. If you are looking for some modern legendary musician these days, you really have to dig deep to actually find one.

Its amazing how much memories and old song can bring back in your life. Modern music may not be as great yet but credit to the modern technological advancement, your cherished old favorites are just a click away. Just write the first few letters of the song in you tube and boom! sit down tight and enjoy the classical old flavored music while doing nothing else.
Published: 5/8/2017
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