My Angel

A dream of love's magical comfort.
Hush now, my angel,
And I will play to you a lullaby,
I will keep the candle burning,
To help ease your worried mind,
Sleep peacefully, my angel,
Let your thoughts flow with the stream,
And I will hold on to your hand,
To meet you in your dreams.

Sail beneath the moonlight,
Through its cool nocturne melody,
That floats upon the breeze,
To blow away your thoughts of melancholy,
As you sail through the trees of wisdom,
And drift on past life's waterfall,
No matter where you go, my angel,
You know that I will follow on.

Though the night may be eerie,
It holds nothing for you to fear,
For I will travel through it with you,
Until the songbirds reappear,
Then we can watch the sunrise,
As it brightens up the sky,
And makes the rooftops sparkle,
Just like my angel's eyes.

Wake up then with a yawn and a smile,
To chase all of your clouds away,
On the end of a kiss from your angel lips,
The perfect way to start a new day,
When I can see you in all your splendor,
To let your beauty fill my heart,
And when the night returns, my angel,
We'll take the stairway to the stars.
Published: 9/30/2010
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