My Arms

You'll always be safe in my arms.
Don't look down don't look back I'm right here beside you.
I promise I'll never leave... It's obvious this love will never die ♥
Heartache left n right but with you this love feels so true.
I promise as long as I have you ill never cry.♥

I don't care what happens later cuz right now were together
And I hope it lasts forever cuz baby I don't wanna leave EVER!
When I'm by your side I just lose sight of the world
You're all I see you are all I need I don't know what it is.

The way you talk? is it the way u laugh or is it the way you kiss.
It's gotta be the way you taste or is it the way you feel against my body?
The way you act so damn naughty.

My heart can't figure it out
But every time I'm near you it begins to beat
And the heat begins to rise since the first moment we kissed
I realized this love will never die they say love is forever
Your forever is all I need!!

I don't care what anyone says
I'm happy when I'm by your side
I aren't got nothing to hide
I know how I feel inside!

Don't look back forget the past
hold no regrets baby
I have a secret I'm scared to tell you

I Love you baby I never wanna let go!
Ill hold you in my arms night n day
I'll make sure ur out of harms way
I'll kiss away your pain sometimes I might even be the pain.

You drive me insane baby
You drive me crazy your killing me IN A GOOD WAY
I don't know what to say
It feels as though even the word love is too weak to describe how I feel inside
Sometimes I don't even think this is real.

If this is a dream don't wake me cuz my dreams are all I wanna see!!!
Like a dog with a bone I just can't leave you alone
I have a confession your my obsession my greatest possession
My only inspiration.

Don't look down don't look back
I might here beside you baby
Just turn to me
Cuz in my arms you'll always be safe♥
Published: 5/31/2011
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