My Attempt

My attempt to...cut myself....enjoy.
I sit & stare at my reflection in the mirror & wonder what have I done
I sit & stare at the knife
I pick it up & I put it 2 my wrists
But then my mind goes blank
I think of the scar I will have & how I will remember this day for life
I look at my reflection in the mirror
& I look at the knife n my hand
My wrists just is waiting...waiting...2 feel the pain
My heart is beating more than I can believe
I then put the knife away & use scissors
I open the scissors & stare at the blade
I bring the blade closer to my wrists & get ready to...CUT
The door opens & I look to my right
My mom is standing there looking at me as if I'm a ghost
She then looks at the scissors in my hand

Published: 7/10/2010
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