My Black Maiden

The joy of being in love is immeasurable.
With these few crumbs of bread,
In my subtle palm,
Let me feed you, my black maiden.

With this creamy manna,
Let me suckle you, my black maiden.

With these myriad of bead,
Let me nurse your black shiny mane.

Brush my tear away,
And I shall die no more.

Listen to the silent night.

To the water that lies tranquil,
In her ocean bed,
Mirroring the beauty of her roof.

Throw your head on my breast,
My black maiden.

Behold, the stars twinkle,
Doing honor,
To the glowing moon.

My eyes shall sorrow no more.

Sing for me,
Beautiful birds of the sky,
Dance with me,
Bright fish of the ocean,
Rejoice with me,
You silent grasses.

Stars hang up as diamonds,
Roses lay beneath as gold,
As you lay in my life,
As a soulmate.

Hop into your bed,
For tomorrow is,
A few minutes away.

Bone of my bone.
Flesh of my flesh.
Blood of my blood.
My heavenly angel.
My earthy Black Maiden.
How have my poems so far been?
Very good.
You have a lot to work on.
You write trash.
Published: 8/16/2012
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