My Brother

This was written in 2008, dedicated to a friend that was more like a family to me than anyone else was...
I saw you again tonight
And now I know that
You're still here I cry
For you every time I think
About the conversations
We'd have on the phone

Then I went and did what
You told me not to
You of all people got why
I did that though, you left
To get better from the things
That I could not, I thought I was

Going to die without your help
Guide me the darkness I got
Familiar with while you were gone
I gave up on everything and everyone

You came back, I was relieved but
The darkness still controlled me
Nothing will ever be normal again
I'd think back to the days that were
Carefree the long conversations about
Anything and nothing on the phone
You were the only one there for me

When I needed someone the most
When my world was crashing down
Around me but now you're gone all
Over again, and these are nothing
More than the memories that will
End up fading with time.
Published: 8/4/2011
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