My Complicated Love Triangle - Chapter 16

Hey guys, sorry for the wait! And guys, I promised that Merrick's secret would be revealed but I didn't want to rush this story. And about the promise ring it wouldn't upload so this is the promise ring.
Casey's POV

"Wow, Casey that's a huge deal," my mom said taking a sip of her tea.
"I know and I'm ready. He makes me happy. He really does."
"Honey are you sure about it?" She asked me looking at my face
"I'm 100 and 10 percent sure about it mom. I love him and he loves me," I nodded convincing myself.
"Well, I'm glad for the both of you. Have you told your father?" I laughed.
"He was actually happy. I think hell was freezing over," my mom laughed. "I'm gonna miss this," I commented.

"Sweetie, I'm just a phone call away," she replied.
"I know but you're leaving. I just wished you stayed longer to help pick out my prom dress."
"Don't worry whatever dress you pick, it'll look fantastic on you," I smiled.
"Thanks mom. When is your flight?" I anticipated her answer.
"At 9 in the morning," she answered.
"So, this is the last time seeing you here?" She nodded.
"I love you Casey, don't hesitate to call me. Be careful."
"I won't. Love you and have a safe flight," I got up and hugged my mom goodbye, I didn't know when I was going to be able to see her.

"Wow that's a rock," I chewed on my bottom lip to hide my smile.
"So about Andy what happened?" I asked Alexa, Andy finally had enough time and began to talk to Alexa.
She sat on her bed criss-crossed.
"Well, he said that he was hurt and that we should've told him. But he's willing to try it again," she smiled at the end.
"Meaning you're together again?" I asked.
"Yes," Alexa nodded, "Andy also asked me to prom."
"That's great!" I shouted.
"But there's a problem."
"What? What's the problem?"
"Well for starters, we're gonna have to shop for the dress and a limo," she began to talk.
"Jeez, Lex you scared me," I laughed.
"Got you," she beamed. "Now about you and Adam. Spill," she continued so I told her the story leaving out, of course Thalia, Merrick, and the deal.


Merrick's POV

Adam was upstairs, probably talking to Casey. My Casey. I laughed of how all this seemed.
"Hey uncle Merrick, what's this?" Adam came into the kitchen, I turned to fave what he was holding. Casey's earring. "An ex girlfriend's earring" I responded.

"You never told me you had a girlfriend. What was she like?"
"She was great. Always got what she wanted, caring, smiling. Loved watching movies. Love's art she was my muse," I answered him.

"So what happened between you two?" Wouldn't you like to know my mind snapped.
"She fell for someone else," was all that I said.
"Wow that must suck. What's her name?"
"You should wash up, dinner is about done," I avoided the question.
"Alright," Adam was staying at my place for a week his parents were away.

If only Adam knew that Casey was mine first. Always have and always will be.


Casey's POV

I was laying down looking at the white ceiling. My mind whirling with thoughts. Who could be Austen? Why haven't I ever heard of him before? More importantly why does he want me? My phone rang interrupting my thoughts.

"Casey, you have to stay away from him. He's dangerous," he whispered.
"Noah, who's dangerous? What's going on?" I asked.
"Austen. Stay away from him. Stay away from him!" I heard him shout in the distant. I also heard another voice. It was hard to tell what they were saying.

"Noah, please tell me what is going on!" I shouted there was a deep breathing on the line.
"Who the hell are you? I will never be yours. Don't you dare hurt my friend." I said harshly, he chuckled and hung up the phone. What the hell is happening? Was Noah okay? Please let him be okay. I whispered silently.

"Hey you okay?" Adam walked in my room.
"I don't know," I looked up at Adam.
"What do you say, we get some red vines, get a couple of movies and stuff our faces," he smiled.
"You know, I would love that. Thanks Adam you're the best."

We went to the nearest store Adam pulled into the parking lot. Adam held my hand walking down the aisles picking out the best junk food.

"This is a lot," I laughed, looking at our cart there was at least 12 different kinds of candy, 5 bags of chips.
"This is hardly any," he laughed.
From red vines, sour patch kids, gummy worms, gummy bears, mike and ikes. Can we still even call that?
"Wanna watch a scary movie?" I asked him at the movie rental place.
"You're the first girl that ever wants to watch a scary movie," he charted.
"I love them," we left the place and began to head over to Adm's house I assumed.

No. No. No. There's no way, I'm going into that place ever again.
"What are we doing here?"
"Staying at my uncle's place for a week. Parents are out of town," Adam answered.
"Oh. Isn't it going to be weird, you bring your girlfriend to your uncle's?"
"Nah. He's out running some errands. He's been gone for a while," he shrugged.

"Wow, it's a nice place," I acted like I've never been here before but I have so many times. On the couch, his studio room, his bedroom, the kitchen.
"Hungry?" Adam asked walking into the kitchen, "My uncle made some great fajitas."
"No, I'm good," I said sitting on the couch.

And here we are half and hour later watching The Woman in Black. Personally it's the scariest shit ever. I was hiding in Adam's chest.

"Is this the only reason you wanted to watch a scary movie?"
Okay so maybe I made a white lie about loving scary movies. I do enjoy them but holy cow this movie is some other stuff.

"Maybe," I smiled into his shirt, Adam put a finger under my chin lifting my face to see him.
"Can't blame you," he kissed my cheek first then grazed over my lips, I wrapped my arms around his neck sitting on his lap. Adam cupped my cheek bringing my face closer to his. He traveled his hand up my shirt I kissed his neck pulling away I looked into his eyes.

"I love you Adam," I began to kiss him more.
"And I love you Casey," Adam unhooked my bra, it was pure bliss. Someone cleared their throat realizing that this wasn't Adam's house. We pulled away my face reddened. I didn't dare to look at Merrick in the face. I quickly got off Adam's lap and hooked my bra.
"Sorry we got carried away," Adam began to explain.
"It's alright. Just make sure you clean this mess up," Merrick walked upstairs.
"Will do."
"Oh my gosh. That's so embarrassing," I hid my face in my hands Adam chuckled
"I'm sorry Casey, I shouldn't have gotten carried away," Adam whispered into my ear.
"Let's just finish watching the movie hmm?" He added.

I nodded my head but my heart was beating fast. Was I about to make love to Adam? If Merrick didn't walk in, was I willing to do it?


Merrick's POV

What the hell was that?! I sat on the edge of my bed looking at the photo of me and Casey. She was smiling taking tons of photos of us while I gave her a piggy back ride. Adam and Casey was about to make love in my house in my couch! I couldn't believe it that they had the nerve. If I only, I walked in sooner. But soon enough I will have Casey whether she liked it or not. I walked silently to my studio that I kept locked, so Adam wouldn't walk in.

I walked back down the stairs into the kitchen. Getting something to drink. I noticed the earring on the counter. Perfect. I grabbed it heading back into the living room.


Casey's POV

"Really?" I asked Adam, he was telling me about finding an earring of Merrick's ex. My heart rate quickened. There's no way that Adam knew it was mine right?
"I couldn't get the name though," Adam replied.
"What did the earring look like?" I asked when Merrick appeared.
"Like this," Merrick lifted it up.
"Hey Casey, don't you have one like that?" Adam asked me.
"What? No, I gave them to the goodwill," I replied fast.
"Maybe your ex got it from there," adding.
"Have you tried talking to her?" Adam asked his uncle.
"I have. What do you suggest, Casey?" Merrick asked me.
"Uh well, I'm not sure. If she's happy then you should just leave her alone." I looked at him square in the eyes.
"I'm not sure about that. I love her," I looked down.
"Well, I better get going to do homework. Can you take me?"
"Yeah, I'll be back later," Adam got up from the couch.

I waved at Adam from the doorway.
"Hey guys," I said my dad was reading the paper, Harper was reading a magazine and Destiny was doing homework.
"Cas can you help me?" Destiny asked.
"Sure thing, let me go put my stuff away," I walked into my room now the jewelry box. I opened it. Pulling out the only earring with no pair. Hiding it inside my closet. Surely no one will find it in there. I told myself.

I looked around the school searching for Noah. Until I spotted a hooded figure. That's Noah's. I followed him down into the gym corridor where it was empty.

"Noah," the figure turned around slowly and I gasped.
"What happened?" I asked running towards him, his eye was swollen. A black eye.
"It's nothing," Noah shook his head.

"Nothing?! You called me yesterday about the guy and then you shouted. Noah what is going on, don't lie to me." I wanted to know what the hell is happening.
"Fine. Austen hit me for warning you to stay away from him. But you know what, I'm glad I did. He's dangerous, Casey. Promise me you won't go with Thalia." He looked behind me making sure no one was there.

"I promise but why the sudden change?" I asked him.
"Because Casey, I love you."
I froze. Looking at Noah not knowing what to say or do. I watched Noah walk away.


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