My Disaster

It is a poem about alcohol.
You feel like you are in your final stage
Now you are at the part
Where you cannot sleep
All you see is the poison bottle that is not strange
All the people close to you is falling apart

Your haughtiness does not allow you to ask for help
I know how you feel, left behind in a deep
Dark place, where there is nothing to keep
People just do not understand that you are like a whelp
Looking for love there is no harm in your heart

The sense of panic and nausea is cause by the poison battle
It locks you in a cage
Lost and depress from the awful truth
It makes your life to hang from the roof
You must open your eyes to see the proof

Please do not think that your life is done
Behind the dark clouds, it shines the sun
Soon you will have a new life written in a new page
Where all your hopes and goals will become real
Do not give up in quitting alcohol be like steel
What do you think about the poem?
Published: 3/28/2011
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