My Dream Man Chapter 1

There is no shame in a thoughtful love, no pain in a hopeful thoughts.
Have you ever met someone and thought he could be the one? Back in time last year around September 2018, I had a crush on a guy anyway let me first introduce myself am Foxy, am 5 feet tall, currently my weight is 56, I am kind and fragile at heart, I believe in the creator, my mum is my rock, I love rabbit, I think they are beautiful, with all my being I have always hated snakes, I don't snore loud, I hate it when people do that. Currently, I began to believe in true love, though falling in love scares me a little bit but then it would be foolish of me not to try.

I'm selfish, impatient, and a little bit insecure in matters partening love. Had gone on dates several times with my crush and I can't stop thinking about him. I'm very clingy and I hate that I can't get rid of my clingy side but am working on it. I had to aid my sleep with a sleeping pills that's how I knew am in love with the strongest, greatest, honest man in town (my crush) which made me believe in true love.

It all started with a defeat at workplace, I work for this small company that so much believe in flexibility, even though I'm an Accountant by profession, I was doing data analysis and reporting which needed me to upload all the data in an online website as required by our donor.

For several a times, I tried to upload the data but failed, so I sought for help at a nearby firm approximately 300 cm away from our office block, since they run the same activities and are supported by the same donor so I said why not go there and ask for help.

Gracefully with a steady heart I wasn't sure of what would become of that day and then I saw him, he looked so handsome. I remembered blaming my heart for admiring what it cannot afford.

There was no hope he would still be single, out of curiosity I logged into my Facebook profile even though we weren't Facebook friend. The fact that I knew his name would help, so I logged in with the aim to check his FB profile, it would tell a lot about him I believed. Having logged in, there wasn't much to tell, except in his Facebook album. There was this pic where he was carrying a baby upon seeing the pic, my hope dropped to zero level. He was married and I can't have him for myself at least that is what I thought. In regards to that, I came in terms with my limitation and promised myself never to think about him again. As time flew by once in a while he could call me and I thought what is it all about, it was obvious I can't be his friend but I took it easy, since most of the call was all about just checking how I was doing never thought anything good would come from it.

Suddenly, my moon begins to bloom, it was one lousy evening I was just lying down after running out of option on what to do with my life, my phone buzzed it was him on the other line he wanted to know whether we could meet in one of the fancy hotel in town. Excitedly, I said yes and hurried myself to the bathroom to freshen up in order to look presentable. I reached so early and felt so desperate like a foster kid looking for a mother, after 10-15 minutes he reached it was amazing just being next to him. He asked whether it was okay for his friend to join us and I said definitely he should come. He was charmingly humble and caring. His caring heart is what melt my mine since then, I have always wanted to be part of his life. He was so decent and honest, never have I dealt with something so difficult than staying away from him.

We went out more often but never was I alone without his friends tagging along except on two occasions where we had all the three lives at least to ourselves, we were public in the crowd holding hands, with his friends our relationship remained private I assumed they thought we were casual friends, just hanging out but to ourselves we had a secret moment. A little privacy but too much confident in all steps of the way, it was amazing.

My expectation was so low, especially when am around him. I liked bonding with his friends too so all was well in all the dates we went, his intention was never clear which gave me no idea where my heart was heading. I have always known without evidence that he was not single and I wanted him to confirm that, but he was too masked most of the time everything was just too casual but in a good way.

I didn't know what was going on in his mind he was very social, open-minded, funny, romantic and independent in a way which gets me on most of the time, I think he is a perfect man for every woman's' dream, he is not clingy which is the opposite of me but am working on it. I hate being clingy, it makes me vulnerable and insecure.

He is a noble man, so compassionate, it makes me wanna be a better person every day and I would do anything to make him happy.

Last night we had a serious conversation, it was about life, it started when I asked him what he considered being poor. He told me, he hate being broke, he continued saying he would feel very poor if his partner never get along with his family and friends, earlier on that day I told him I was jealous of a lady who hanged around him a lot and he assured me I shouldn't worry about her but rather about others, it was weird he admitted I should worry about others, I came to conclusion not to worry about anything except to trust him. He cared mostly about three things in a relationship: faithfulness, love, and Christianity which is exactly what I care about, his statement made me hate my jealous heart. I remorsefully wished I hadn't felt that way towards the lady, I was stupid and silly, and I regretted having my ungrateful heart all exposed in my wayward lifestyle, I have learnt to be thoughtful in all my thoughts and to improve on my weakness not to disappoint him.

It was our second date alone, no friends this time, just me and him, don't know what that was but I would like to call it a date. We went to his favorite hotel in town. He sat on the left and me on the right on a red leather coach, he looked radiantly amazing I have never seen someone so handsome in my entire life, until that moment and I wished I could freeze time, I would do it that instant and live in the moment forever. He was handsomely innocent and the most purest soul I had privilege to seat with.

The truth begun to unveil itself, it was natural and my lucky day, butterfly everywhere in my stomach, It was raining too as I attentively listened to his amazing charming voice. He said I wondered what my day would feel like am so nervous to talk in public, I got so nervous when my friend made me his best man at their marriage ceremony. I'm I dreaming I asked in muteness I wanted to be sure it wasn't a dream and it was happening while I was in the moment for real I thought my ears had failed me again I had a problem with my eardrums can't trust what it hears sometimes, to avoid sounding desperate I just sounded mildly surprised really was all I said.

Man! It was very cold and I felt like my body was floating, I was socked when he confirmed he wasn't married then I recalled when he jokingly asked me if I would make him my Mr. right I had to sleep on that by saying nothing because he said it jokingly besides he sounded like he was once somebody's Mr. wrong.

That night we shared key factors of our lives, that was very fundamental to me because it would help me to determine whether there would be a next time or not. Despite my feelings, I was more concerned of safeguarding my heart, I have always known his type has all the power to break me if I give in and later find out he is not what he displayed, I couldn't help but to ask mostly to determine whether there would be a next time, it would be a terrible mistake wasting my time, this somewhat prompted me to ask.

Me: Aren't you married?
Him: Nope never
Me: Wao UUHHHHHHHMMMM I don't know what to say
Him: It's okay say nothing
Him: Have you ever conceived before?
Me: Never
Him: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: Yes
Him: Is he a national or a foreigner?
Me: A national
Him: Does he live in this town?
Me: Yes, but I last got in touch with him 4 month ago.
Him: Four month is a long time.
Me: Can I ask you a personal question?
Him: Please you're welcome
Me: Do you have a girlfriend?
Him: Yes, but haven't seen her for almost a year
Me: When was your last time with her?
Him: Last year in May, what we have is like a play, we chat on social media but we rarely meet
Him: Will you come home with me tonight?
Me: Only if you promise not to do anything
Him: I promise.

We went home, it was around 11:30 PM. He was so nervous, we all were I felt sleepy and I needed to sleep, but I couldn't change on my Adams' suit while he was watching. I asked for my privacy then he turned his back assuring me he wouldn't look my direction, I asked that he switch off the light and he did that's when I got the courage to change to my Adams' suit. He did the same and we all went to bed, we were skin to skin and his touch sent butterflies all over my stomach, the most secret, intimate, beautiful feelings swept me off my breath, it was hard to breathe when he touched me, I shivered and the feelings went through me like a rushing wind, never in my life have I ever felt something like that, it was magnificent, I felt like God was giving me so much love and joy more than one night could contain, I felt blessed and special and I thanked God for him, he was awesome I can't even begin to describe how I felt without underrating , it was unspeakable, the impact of his bare skin on mine.

The night was against us I was not at ease with how speedy the dawn came but together we were strong for any challenge, so we got up feeling like the time was too little and we had to prepare and go for work, from that moment I thought it's true what they say never underestimate the power of true love, my feelings for him is true. Believe it or not, but love is a feeling.

I'm most scared of the fact that I didn't have enough time to fall for him, it just happened eleven days ago, he said he loved me, he had all the power to break me I need to do something to be strong I hate the fact that I feel so vulnerable around him what he thinks of me is very important to me.

I really want to focus and see where this will lead me, that's why I told him for us to walk it have to be only us, so I promised to take care of my business hoping he would do the same I broke up with my boyfriend I also made sure i handled his most greatest fears by looking deep within me both in and out to clear his fears, I thank God for all the moment we shared one on one through him he cross my path I haven't been more happy than when am with him, he made it possible my hope is in the unfolding moment yet to come as I wait for the future to unfold before my eye, I expect the unexpected to be nothing but great for both of us and baby if fate directs you to this website and found yourself reading this please understand that I love you with all my being and would do anything just to be with you.

I do not know what would happen next. but am hoping for the best I can't control my future but I can only wait for life to unfold.
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very easy to follow and well-written.
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I can't wait for chapter 2, it's awesome.
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Published: 9/19/2019
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