My Everything

My Everything, is about one who gives me everything I'll ever need from any woman and this poem is for her.
There goes My Everything,
Going far away from me,
Going to a place she calls home,
A place known to her alone,
There goes My Everything,
Smiling as she walks past Me,
With her bags and baggage.

As my heart melts in an ice of loneliness,
She waves at me as she passes by,
And she gives me that smile that could make Angels beg to be humans,
So they can see her smile everyday,
My heart coaxed as I read the words in her beautiful eyes,
And My own heart smiled too in thankfulness of a love in there,
Though My lips could not part,
Because a part of me is going home,
I managed to wave back... a simple courtesy of a broken man.

She is My Everything and I doubt if she knows that?
She is My Smile,
My sweet private humor,
My soothing balm when my heart aches so badly,
Oh! Least I forget,
She is the most troublesome girl I've ever met.

True, I've met quite a number of them,
But she gives me the most trouble,
She makes my heart rate so fast than any girl had done before,
That's indeed trouble,
Because like the sea smashes to nearby rocks when "troubled",
So My heart is smashed with loneliness,
Whenever am away from her.

Now she is going away from me,
But her eyes tells me she's always with me,
Though she's going home it says,
But Her true home is in my heart,
Silver tears filled my eyes as darkness draws in,
The presence of the "Lady in Blue",
Could not be felt that night.

So I find it hard to sleep,
But then I let the voice of My Princesses sing Me to sleep,
Because she is My dream come true,
And Ocean believes me... I love You,
But now this lonely lullaby that my heart sings,
Hope your heart sings along...
Because I can't forget you,
Please, don't forget me.

Because out of sight isn't out of mind,
Because you're like a "blue flower which blossoms in the moonlight",
My true love gaze... I stare at the drawing of us everyday,
Your letters...
Every line echoes in my heart,
I miss you so dearly Phiona,
I want to Hold and kiss you passionately Esther,
Ada, you've charmed me with your love,
Despite the statues differences, the guys in your past and present.

The girl's disturbing my life...
There is nobody I'd rather be with than you Nneka,
Baby, please do not be carried away by the sweet-coated words,
By guys who only want you momentarily,
Or who puts on a show of loving you,
Just to win your heart and then leave it broken,
Do not be deceived by their handsome faces,
The true beauty of a person is his/her soul,
Chi, My heart is waiting for you,
It’s your Home.
Published: 1/9/2014
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