My First and Endless Love

A poem I wrote for my Mother on this day (Mother's day). She is the best gift that life can ever give.
To you my first and endless love,
If I had a thousand lives,
Over and over again,
You will still be my love.

To you whom I got the first kiss from,
I put you first and above every woman,
No force strong enough to break this bond,
I pledge an allegiance to you this day.

To love you forever and a day more,
My eyes closed down to sleep,
Each time you sang that lullaby.

To the one whose eyes shared my tears,
And whose heart felt my pain,
The still voice that whispers in my dream,
Assuring me that it's only a step more.

Your love rekindle my dream,
A dream to give you the best that life can offer,
My priority is to make you proud,
And never to regret the nine months,
Nine months of mixed emotions,
Bearing me within your womb.

To you my sweet and loving mother,
The most precious jewel of the Savannah,
To you Mrs. Virginia John Onuorah,
No words put together,
Could describe how much I love you.
Published: 3/31/2014
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