My First Time

My first time with war...
The same gun I tried to use for suicide,
I used for homicide.

The night I saw my enemy at that red light,
I knew that tonight was the night,
There was a reason,
The homies took me on this long ride...

I walk up to him,
And put 3 in his head,
Before the light turned green,
I knew he was dead,
Before I left the scene.

One way ticket to hell is all,
That's left for me,
I spent the whole night tripping,
And smoking weed.

Blue turned to red,
In those cruel streets,
Now when it's time to ride,
The homies choose me....

But what they don't know,
Is how much I wish,
I was the one in a permanent sleep,
To change my war into peace.
Published: 2/13/2014
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