My Good Friend

You will be missed.
I met a rare true good friend,
An understanding type,
Who for a very short time,
Affected my life so deep.

Yet still I unclassified my feelings,
I met him in a workshop,
He would go extra miles,
Just to take a look at my face.

Late at night, I chat with him,
A phenomenal friend's chat,
He misses me even,
When am there.

To a place far away,
His distant is drifting apart,
Unaware of my timing,
It caught me insane,
My insight is lost.

Another page of my life,
I must start the one,
Without his influential friendship,
A new job he must go for.

Magic tears relieved me,
A woman; I am broken,
With nothing but a thought,
Of not seeing his face.

My heart is too cold,
May be it is dead,
My spirit wants to jump from my soul.

I can't bear to look at him,
With a sorrowful word,
Of goodbye and a discern,
He will be leaving in 72 hours.

It's not him I hate,
It's saying goodbye to him,
It makes me sick and heartbroken.

I truly love him,
And will vulnerably miss him,
He is not evil,
Yet he deeply wound my mind.

Slow I was,
Quick and hard I broke,
Our friendship is the sweetest mystery,
I can't comprehend.
Published: 8/19/2015
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