My Heart Pains

This is about that feeling when the cheater you loved so much... tries to play around again.
After such a long time,
You called me for no reason,
I spoke bluntly,
And behaved my worst...

You were there like you always,
Used to be polite and charming,
It was not obviously the first...

You apologized,
You just told me,
How sorry you feel,
How lonely you got...

But I am no fool,
And I have mind of my own,
You cheated and lied,
Is that what you forgot?

Please stop torturing me,
Please stop picking on me,
'cause it hurts,
To hear your words...

Please stop calling,
And saying that you're sorry,
'cause it just slices me,
Like some sword...

'cause it hurts to hear your voice,
To see your number in the call log,
And my cellphone buzz once in a blue...
To hear your 'sorry' word again.

I just can't deny after these long years,
My heart pains,
To even think about YOU...
Published: 5/24/2013
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