My Inner Beast - Chapter 39

Sorry it took so long... "I couldn't put my finger on it but something changed, something in the air something in her stance, something in the earth even. I'm not sure what but something changed, and it was big." Please comment!
She slept soundly for most of the night yet I couldn't close my eyes for one moment. She shuffled again mumbling something unintelligible before smiling a bit and burying her face in my chest.

I smile. Jess' words flowed through my mind, "Who can't fall for someone like that?"

The dumbass was right. She was perfect. I pulled her closer and kissed her forehead softly. I continued to stare up at the ceiling. What were we going to do, if Jess was our key, what door would he unlock? I don't care much about myself, but my friends, they're the closest thing I have to family and Amelia she's my everything. I wouldn't risk their lives on uncertainty, but Amelia seemed to trust him. So I had to do the same, that's all she asked for.

Jess said he saw things he wasn't supposed to see. Does that mean Blackwells are looking for him? He could lead them straight to us!

As if my negative thoughts ran through my veins and flowed into her system I felt Amelia fearfully grab onto my shirt. She mumbles yet again but is more disturbed and her legs wrap around mine.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry," I whisper to her in her slumber. I relax and so does she.

We really are connected all the time. That's amazing. I rub her arms feeling a chill rush through the room pulling her closer, wrapping her in my embrace. She smiles on my chest and I soon feel her lips peck the skin there. There's another peck in the same spot and I loosen my grip. She kisses upward past my chest to my neck and I have to hold my breath to maintain composure.

"You're awa-" My words are smothered by the sudden contact our lips make. Her fingers are in my hair and I'm so taken aback my body enters a moment of shock.

Due to my unresponsiveness she pulls away, "What's wrong?" Her pout makes my heart sing. How can I resist a pout?

"Nothing, just taken a bit off guard," I smile reaching down to her lips and kissing them with my all, she leans away probably to say something, but I pull her back in nibbling on her bottom lip.

Her moan is soft and filled with want, so she pushed her body into mine and my grip on her waist tightens. Our kisses became more urgent, more necessary, more essential and I find that every breath I had needed to be her. Suddenly I'm reminded of her injuries from the night before and I pull from her alluring atmosphere. She groans and I can't stop the smile that is plastered on my face, "How are you feeling?"

"Bad now that you've stopped kissing me." She mumbles.

I laugh, stroking her rosy cheek tenderly, "I'm serious. How's the nose?"

She wiggles her little nose left and right before concluding, "It feels better."


"What time is it?"

"Probably a little after 6"

"What?! Already?! Wait AM?! Are you sure?"

I laugh shrugging, "You were tired."

She sighs combing her hair back in the way that always got me thinking.

"Dirty minded," She laughs, "You realize we're connected right?"

I groan, "I keep forgetting."

"Why do you like when I do that anyway?" She bites on her lip.

I growl, laying her on her back gently providing me with the opportunity to place both hands at either side of her face as I gaze down at her beauty. My hand flows down to her leg, gripping her thighs firmly, raising her hips resulting in contact with my lower body. She gasps unexpectedly and I feel myself losing control, my grip tightens.

Her fingers find themselves entangled in my hair the way they always do, causing my composure to become even more unpredictable. I move against her softly and her grip in my hair loosens a bit before tightening again. I feel her fingers falling from my head and down my back to the waist of my boxers. I groan above her and she nibbles on my ear-

Suddenly someone bursts through the door! The light from the hallway reveals our position in the bed and whoever is in the doorway just pauses and for a moment stares then looks away. I soon realize it's Jess.

"Frank said breakfast is ready and we're having an early start, so get up." He recites this in the manner a child would.

"Got it, we'll be down in a sec." Amelia responds without glancing his way. He nods and rushes out of the room.

I groan and she seems to agree with my mood, "Just as we were getting to the good parts." Her complaint is muffled by the pillow that she pulls over her face.

Hopping out of bed, she tosses her top to the left and shimmies out of her shorts, kicking them away. I lay on my back watching her, entertained. She begins to hum softly and soon her body moves to the rhythm in her head, taking her away. She flips her hair over her shoulder and winks at me, "Douche avec moi?"

That was the last straw! I felt myself lose any form of self-composure I had left as I sprung over to her, taking her half-naked body to the shower with me.

"Where'd you learn that phrase?" I ask as we get dressed now.

"I'm French don't you know that?" She giggles sliding on a t-shirt. I look over at her and notice the hickey in the middle of her neck to the right, "What?" She asks noticing my facial expression.

"Seems like I may've left a mark." I say slipping on the shirt I had in hand. She lifts her hair a bit at turns to examine the mark for herself.

"Nothing a little concealer won't cover." She dabs a bit of concealer on and it's completely gone.

"Better?" She asks.

I nod and kiss her forehead before pulling her with me out the room. When we get downstairs Jasmine, Simon, Frank, Liam and Jess are all seated around the table. Amelia heads to the kitchen to get some cereal signing a happy good morning to everyone there.

"Someone's in a good mood." Simon notices as he takes another mouthful of cereal from his bowl.

"I'm telling you that broken nose wasn't something some good sex and apologies couldn't fix." Jasmine laughs sipping her orange juice.

"Ew," Liam complains making a face, "That's my sister."

"Yep," Jasmine smiles, "Your sister who had some life-changing sex with your best friend."

Amelia laughs from the kitchen, "Life-changing?" She asks settling at the table.

"Ouch." I complain taking a bowl and some milk for myself.

"Okay enough about your sex lives." Frank butts in making us all laugh," We'll wait on Aster and Akari to get down here then talk about the game plan."

Conversations continue and about minutes later Akari and Aster stumble down the stairs. Once seated Frank begins speaking, "So based on yesterday's events I believe we've all learned a bit about trusting Amelia and Vince and their intuition especially as it pertains to the 'it' considering they're the only one's who have direct contact."

"You can contact the it?" Jess asks amazed.

Both Amelia and I nod and Frank continues, "As it pertains to how we use Jess to get to the Blackwell's have you guys heard anything?"

"Well she was exhausted after everything that happened yesterday so we didn't get to." I explain.

"We can try meditating on it today since I feel better," Amelia mentions quickly.

"Sounds good, that should happen after you both speak to Jess and find out what he knows." Frank continues. I see Jess about to complain considering Frank said "both" and I glare at him. He closes his mouth.

"Maybe you guys should interview him after," Akari speaks now, "Like maybe you could meditate asking for 'it' to give you insight on what words to look out for and hints to notice that way you can apply in during the interviewing process."

"That's a brilliant idea," Amelia smiles.

"Okay, meanwhile everyone else will be going through regular physical training and considering we weren't as productive yesterday get ready to put in some extra work. Got it?"

Everyone nodded and proceeded to eat breakfast. Once finished Ameli and I headed down to the basement.


Liam's POV

Vince and Amelia headed downstairs to meditate and I noticed a change in Jess' demeanor after hearing they can immediately communicate with the it. He seemed more tense, as if he had a big secret he was afraid they would find out.

I'd try to trust him as Frank said just for the fact that I trusted Amelia and her abilities and connection with the great 'it' otherwise I had no trust for this dude. I'd keep my guard up so if anything sneaky happens I'd be able to help out. Vince and Amelia have been through enough as it is.

"You're a bit quiet today," Frank noticed.

I nodded, still staring at Jess, "Just thinking."

Akari gasped, "You can do that?" She joked.

I rolled my eyes with a smile, "Whatever."

Frank took us out to the yard and handed us random weapons and began to speak, "Since we don't know what we'll be up against we need to learn to be versatile with whatever object we have with us. In the midst of battle we will not be able to pick and choose who we fight or what we have to defend ourselves and so we must be able to do this with enough accuracy that will promote safety."

He looked over at Akari and Jasmine, "Ladies, you might be at a disadvantage considering your frame. That is not to say that you can't kick ass but we must realize that going up against someone who is 6'4" and like 3 times heavier may be a harder challenge for you both. So today our focus will be on using your disadvantage as an advantage."

Jasmine and Akari nodded, "Okay so-"

Suddenly we heard a loud scream coming from the basement. It sounded like Amelia! Vince's scream soon followed and that was enough to cause us all to spring into action. We rushed down the stairs Francis leading the line bursting through the door.

Walking inside we're greeted by a great swarm of light. Amelia and Vince were kneeling before the light with their mouths open and eyes wide. The light suddenly boomed like thunder, shaking the room Amelia screamed again and so did Vince and immediately the light entered their mouths and their eyes were illuminated! Their bodies shook as all the light entered them both and beaded of sweat form around their faces.

The room still shook beneath our feet and a voice seemed to speak from above, "It is well."

The light disappeared inside them and everything returned to normal. A peace washed through the room and my body was suddenly calm. I looked around and everyone was starstruck all except Jess who seemed to be terrified. Amelia and Vince fell to their hands taking in deep breaths. Amelia leaned back sitting still, her breathing regulated and I couldn't put my finger on it but something changed, something in the air something in her stance, something in the earth even. I was not sure what but something changed, and it was big.

They both helped each other stand to their feet and looked over at us. Their eyes shimmered, their shoulders were straightened, they weren't the same humans, or shifts they were unearthly.

"You guys okay?" Frank asked unsure.

Amelia smiled, "I'm great."

Vince followed her smile and for a minute I could not look in their eyes, it was a shimmering silver, something I've never seen before, I didn't know if anyone's ever seen such a thing. Their eyes were filled with a stillness, a sense of confidence and composure like none other.

"Sorry for all the noise," Vince smiled as well, "It was an unusual feeling, is all."

"Got it," Akari said still stunned.

"Relax guys," Amelia advised, "We're the same people, just like upgraded a bit."

"A bit?' Jasmine asked, "You're both... angelic."

I agreed with her description, "We can't defeat Luke as regular human shifts." Vince spoke now.

"We got a message," Amelia added now, "We're going to attack in 3 days from now. We'll be giving you each powers and if you trust us and have faith in the 'it' no one. Not a single one of you will receive a single injury."

"Are you serious?" Aster asked stunned.

Vince instead of answering walked over to the fireplace, and took at the fire iron in hand. He placed an end of it in the fire and it turned red.

"You all know I love Amelia, I'd hand my life over for hers any day. She trusts me and she trusts the it," Vince said walking toward Amelia with the burning iron in hand, "No matter what happens she knows she won't get hurt." Amelia was standing still without a trace of worry on her face. Suddenly Vince placed the crackling metal along her face.

We all gasped jumping toward her ready to help if she experienced pain, but Amelia merely looked at us, Vince removed the metal and we examined her face. There wasn't a mark there at all.

"This same thing will happen to you all and over the course of the next three days while we strategize on how to form our attack, Amelia and I will be meditating with each of you so your relationship with the great 'it' will strengthen so physical training wouldn't be necessary." Vince continued.

"Do you guys have any questions?" Amelia asked smiling.

"How do you feel?" Jasmine asked.

"Angelic." She joked, "It's like I can feel everything, I can feel the energies that are floating around me, I can see the most minute and microscopic details if I wanted to." She was excited. Just as my little sister would be. I smiled.

"Told you it was life-changing sex." Jamine joked to everyone.

"So what do we do now?" Frank asked, "Since physical training isn't needed."

"Amelia is going to interview Jess," Vince said calmly, "and I can start on teaching you guys how to meditate in general then I'll take individuals."

"Sounds like a plan." I smiled.
"Follow me." Amelia walked over to Jess who seemed to be petrified to even stand in her presence. I understood his feelings. It was as if they weren't humans or shifts anymore. And in some sense they technically weren't. The Blackwells had no idea what they were up against.
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Published: 3/15/2016
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