My Job Search Experience

This is my life story about my job search struggles in the Philippines and abroad.
My story began in 2005, after I graduated nursing at St. Jude College, Manila. I knew that time job hunting was so hard in the Philippines. I had to undergo a lot of nursing trainings and seminars at my own expense.

Although my parents were giving me money for support, I could feel they wanted me to create my own income and make bold decisions in life because money was not easy to make. There were times, I was really hopeless to find a job related to my profession.

I kept on praying to God Almighty that He would give me an opportunity to find a job. I should at least get 2 years of nursing experience, so that I could be qualified to apply abroad. I submitted my resume in almost all hospitals in Metro Manila, but then there was no call for me. I was really worried and frustrated at that moment, but I never lost hope.

Until one day, I applied for a nursing position at Fatima University Medical Center (FUMC). Luckily, they were in need of nurses. Later I took the entrance test. I passed and proceeded to medical exam right away. It was only a week, I started my work as a staff nurse. But first, I must undergo a three-month probationary period; they'd evaluate my performance afterwards.

During the entire three-month period, I performed well. l also learned so many things in my workplace - things I didn't learn before at nursing school. Theoretically, I was very good. But practically, I was slow at the beginning. However, through the process of gradual learning and help from my co-nurses, I was able to cope with difficult situations at work.

After more than two years of work at FUMC, I decided to try my luck in abroad. I went to many agencies in the Philippines, but it seemed most recruiters were only after for the money, and not particularly helping you in search of greener pastures abroad. In short, fake recruitment agencies were all over in Metro Manila. I warned myself to be cautious, so that I could prevent being a victim of fraud.

On September 1, 2009, I bought a Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper; I saw many ads there where to find a nursing job overseas. At that moment, I had already lost my momentum to personally go and apply in any recruitment agencies. I saw the ads from JobStreet about nursing jobs at International Medical Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

At first, I was afraid to apply because I heard many negative feedback about this Arab country. However, when I carefully read the nursing benefits, I was encouraged to apply and pursue my nursing career in the Middle East.

So, I went immediately to the agency that JobStreet specified. There I would wait for long period of time just to take the written test and final interview from potential employers. But my long wait was worth it, I passed both exams. Indeed, I was grateful to them for giving me hope and for this great opportunity.

After I worked in Saudi Arabia, I applied at Ministry of Health (MOH) in Kuwait. Again, it was all because of the site, who kept me sending via email about their latest and exciting nursing opportunities in many different countries.

When I applied in Kuwait, it was ten times more difficult than applying in Saudi Arabia. Imagine, all of us who took the MOH licensure examination were 5,000 people and they only needed 300 qualified applicants to fill vacancies. Fortunately, I was one of those candidates who passed the written exam and interview.

I couldn't forget what I had been through during those times. I was very blessed to find job easily. I was thankful to God for giving me a chance. And to all the staffs of JobStreet, keep up the good work, more power, and God bless! I hope you would continue helping unemployed people, so that they could fulfill their lifelong dreams and live a better life.
Published: 12/13/2013
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