My Last Words are in This Letter

It is a poem about love. Love that cannot be forgotten.
My last words are in this letter,
Time has flown, my conscience will not be better.
Endless words rarely fail secretly painted as a fairytale,
Through my death, I saw your smile,
Eternal and painful memories were brought after been forgotten for a while.

Look through my eyes in search for lies,
Seraphs of heaven will deny even when she cries.
If my lungs could have air, I would not be in any affair.
I hope my words will make it clear,
Your beautiful lies are lies; there was not a need to fear.

I did not know the silence could take me to my decay,
I am trapped in a coffin buried far away,
If the rusty scalpel opens my heart, my last words rusty will not be,
Time has come; I promise I will not ask why,
Remember I love you and goodbye.

What do you think about the poem?
Published: 2/28/2012
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