My Life - A Mess

This is my life. I fought and fought for something new and that's what I got...
There are so many things that happened to me in my life:
  1. I lost my best friends, the ones I cared about the most, but they never cared or even got the guts to apologize for what they did, and that's what made me feel terrible!
  2. I got stabbed in the back by the one I trusted the most, but eventually I understood the fact that my life was always better when he wasn't along, so clearly he wasn't worth it.
  3. In my way, trying to figure who I am and what I'm supposed to be, I met new people who I thought would help me forget the ones I lost, but they never had the ability to understand me, and it was really hard because I got bored with my old friends. They never cared about me, they only cared about what I can do to them so I wanted new ones. But the problem is that I got new ones who are worse, they never understood me at all!
  4. There was this guy I cared about, who I actually loved, but he never loved me back so I got really upset about it and gave up on love, and I thought that I will never find true love ever again...
  5. I'm a freshman in college. It's something I got very excited about. It was actually my way of meeting new people, to forget those who hurt me. But the college I chose was near those who are trying to murder us. Every day I go there, I try my best not to get shut!
  6. I live in a country that is not safe, comforting, protective, or even helpful for those in need! It's actually a place where people get to leave not to visit!
Because of this I couldn't stand anybody near me. I hated myself, and I hated everybody who tried to touch me. Everything I tried to get out of what I live in got worse. But, I never lost hope in GOD and I knew that he's with me, since everything I've been through wasn't easy on me, but it taught me that I should never give up or underestimate myself because of my failures and because of what I lost when I was trying to find myself, is that I should never lose hope that the world will be a better place. Yet I know that it will because I believed it will.

You'll never gain what you always wanted in life if you didn't try, and you never learn not to do something, unless you did something wrong first and learned from your own mistakes. Patience is always the key for success, happiness, friendship, peace and most importantly it's the key for LOVE!!! So don't hate yourself because you couldn't get what you always wanted. Be patient since everybody has someone looking after him, willing to sacrifice everything for his happiness.

Never Lose Hope In Yourself Or You'll Lose Yourself Not Trying!
Published: 1/1/2013
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