My Life Takes Me

This poem is a release of anguish and hunger for good health. It does not happen, sadness appears often. My mind releases thoughts and I try to put them in this poem.
My life takes me.... as a boy I remember,
Hard times, throughout with love,
My mother was and is pure as driven snow.

As I silently view my father,
His heart of gold filled with unintentional anger and disturbed.

My life takes me.... I remember cutting and gathering wood to stay warm,
I remember eating, and holding a seat I hated, now I miss and love.
I remember a violent life, evil seemed to have an interest within my father but he prevailed,
The devil came, my father conveyed hell, he was strict but wise....

My life takes me.... I remember the death of him,
It was not real or was it, I can't believe,
God needed an angel close by him, so father passed to fill the Robe...

He died choking, disturbed, taking slow breaths, feelings controlled,
His empty mind also cold, simply put about to implode,
He lay to rest, and saw the unknown,
To ascend to soften the load while we approach.....

My life takes me.... My mother shows signs of tiredness,
My love to send,
I can't stand to view at end, she is so noble,
Sad time truly to descend her soul, she is angel like God's true gold,
I will miss her, die my black soul.

My life takes me…. I can't do it, soul weak to frail, die for sure,
And see nevermore my love for family,
Death will explore, but shall have an open door.....

The souls I feel around, they tell me, death will come around,
I see the end has happened,
We just wait till humans no longer produce and extinct themselves.

To slit the bound of heaven and hell,
I choose cremation of choice,
Most dare to in-tomb in my beliefs,
My soul should be freed,
Not locked and covered to dwell immortal damnation,
If it is real,
Something will reconstruct me,
But I fear being locked in and the creature not seeing me....

My life takes me......
Published: 2/16/2015
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