My Little Revenge

You should have just said thank you
How could you be so cruel?
How dare you just sit there and laugh at my words
I poured out my heart
And you just turned away laughing
I stood there in the middle of an empty hall
Tears streaming down my face
My hands grasping the letter in my hands
Soon I shall have my revenge
You shall soon lay there panting on the ground
Crawling across the floor in your own blood
Begging me to forgive you
And I shall walk laughing as you lay there dying on the floor
But no you shall not die I will not let you
Because you shall suffer the same fate as I did
Everybody you cared about shall turn and walk away
And I shall be the only one left
In the end you will be mine
Broken and confused
Hurt and lost
In the end you shall be mine.
Published: 9/16/2009
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