My Little Secret (Shh!)

What is the definition of best friends? Someone who you trust your secrets with? Someone to talk to? Someone you love? Someone who'll be there for you? What if you can't tell them something... shocking?
I think about her all the time,
Her smile constantly flashes in my mind,
I'm desperate to make and call her mine,
'Cos when I see her talk to a guy,
All I want to do is curl up and cry...!

Because my love for her,
Is so true, she is the one,
She's always there for me,
When we were both so young.

But she thinks of me as a good friend,
Maybe even a best friend, but I'm not so sure,
I do my best to avoid her,
But I can never get her off my mind. Ever.

I go to our special, secret place,
Where we go for some time alone,
I can see her familiar beautiful face,
Chucking in the lake some stones.

She's crying, she's upset,
She needs a shoulder to cry on,
I go in to give her a hug,
Her sweet smell I miss so much,
Why do I love her touch?

She whispers that she's scared,
Scared she lost her best friend,
I shake my head and try to comfort her,
But she's demanding for answers.

I resist the urge to kiss her,
I can't help the strong feeling,
She's so close, it's hard,
I'm scared that she'll know.

I bite my lip and admit,
"I'm afraid, you won't like me for me."
She smiles warmly and says,
"You are my best friend. I will always like you."

I fake a grin, she beams,
We hug again, I'll never share,
For she is my best friend,
My secret love,
She helped me realize,
That I am a...
Published: 5/11/2012
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