My Mom and Me

This is about my relationship with my mom. I was feeling down, so I decided to put it in poem form.
I love my mom much more than she would know
Yet when I tell her she ceases to believe
For she believes I hate and despise her
My mom has problems that make her not glow
And these bad and sad problems make her not want me.

My mom sees me as a child that is not grown
And a mean, mad person that always deceives
My heart believes she hates me is sown
And in my mind this feeling will not rest in peace
Although her true feelings are widely unknown.

I wish great love and compassion I would receive
But I know these feeling she will never show
For she torments me with the bitterness
She leaves me grasping onto those small happy moments.

Hoping I do not forget
But yet, I want to forget
To leave her behind and move on
To make My life something surreal
To make my life happy as I dreamt it would be
And you know that?
That is what I have done...
Published: 8/2/2011
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