My Mother's Killer - Ch. 13

Marie Sinclair was 7 years old when her mother was killed in front of her. She began planning her life around revenge. Little does she know life has a plan of its own.
"Ambush," I screamed at the top of my lungs. Peter then dropped to his knees and started coughing up blood. The arrow had to have hit him in his lung. I peered behind the tree line where I saw twenty men dresses in black; I prayed Black Richard was one of them. I whistled for Nobel dodging arrows as I ran towards him. I quickly jumped on him, "Edwin take out the archers," I ordered. Edwin was precise with each arrow he shot. Now that the archers were taken out the men in black came out of the tree line. I screamed with anger as I rushed towards them slashing and jabbing my sword in to as many as I could. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Erwin fighting off three men, so I turned back and made it an even fight. I jabbed my sword into one of the men he was fighting. The other one somehow knocked me off Nobel. I whistled and he headed into the forest waiting for me to whistle for him to return. I quickly reached for my dagger and plunged it into his heart. Erwin had managed to fight off the other one.

Edwin took out three more men with his bow before two reached him. He quickly drew his sword and began fending them off. Erwin and I rushed to his aid picking off two of the men; Edwin sliced threw the third. There were ten men left standing; we rushed them slicing in every direction. Blood was flying everywhere; there was one man left standing, he tried to retreat but Edwin took him out with his bow. I rushed over to check on Peter who was lying in a pool of his own blood. I knew before I reached him that he was dead. "Marie, we have to go now, there's no telling how many more will come." Edwin belted. "No, first we bury Peter," I commanded. "There's no time," Erwin protested. "Fine, you guys go ahead, I'll bury him myself," I shouted while trying to dig a hole near Peter. "Fine but we have to be fast," Edwin replied while chopping at the ground with his sword.

With three people and no shovel, it actually didn't take as long as we thought. I went into the cave to grab some pieces of wood. I made a cross and carved Peter's name in it and said a prayer. I was surprised that I didn't start to cry; I really liked Peter and cared for him even though I just met him. I guess I've made it so I don't show emotions any more. I whistled for Nobel and we headed for the castle. We arrived at the castle just before dusk; the soldiers stopped me right away. "How dare you come to the palace dressed so scandalously," said the soldier who had me by the arm. I began to tell them what had happened and the youngest soldier left to find Michael. "Miss I'm sorry but you can't enter like that," whispered the soldier with his hands still tightly around my wrist. "Dear sir what do you expect me to do, I have no other clothes here." I protested. He then began whispering to anther soldier who immediately after left.

Just then I saw Michael," Michael, Michael over here," I said waving my free arm in the air. "Marie what's going on?" He questioned. I then told him the story of his son and Sarah; he let out the most agonizing yell and fell to the floor sobbing. I didn't know what to say, I just put my hands on his shoulder trying to comfort him. Just then the young soldier returned carrying a pale yellow dress. "This is my wife's you can borrow it," said the soldier releasing my arm. I thanked them and they lead me to a room where I could change. I came back to find that Michael hadn't moved. "Michael you need to go back and be strong for Sarah," I said reassuringly. He then agreed and led me into the castle. I waited for him to talk with the King, but I heard my name softly. I began to follow the voice to a room down the hall. I peered in and saw Thomas with the Queen.

(In the tone of Green sleeves)
"Marie, Marie why do you run from me,
I can not fight what I feel for thee,
How I wish to see your face again
You left without a trace or sign
God I hope you're doing fine
Marie Marie come back to me

Thomas voice was so sweet with each word he spoke, and he played the lyre as if it was an extension of himself. I leaned in closer and heard the queen speak, "You play excellently, Sir Thomas. Your mother must be proud of what you've accomplished. I must know more about this song. If you don't mind who is Marie," " Ahhh Marie, she was my childhood friend, my best friend, we grew up together. She is unlike any women I have ever met and stronger than most men," Thomas said softly, he began telling her about our training, how we met, and the last time we saw each other. " You love her don't you," the queen said with excitement. " More than any man has ever loved a woman," Thomas declared. " I just don't understand how she could just leave, I still don't know what made her leave." Thomas said in his deep sexy voice that I had never noticed. His voice sounded different, it soothed my ears. He looked different too. I know it has almost been a year but something about him changed; or maybe it was me who changed. I tried to lean in further to make out what he was whispering but lost my balance and landed face first on the Floor. The Queen and Thomas' eyes quickly darted towards me.

Published: 11/12/2009
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