My Mother's Killer - Ch. 20

Marie Sinclair was 7 when her mother was killed in front of her. From that moment on she planned her life around revenge. Little does she know life has a plan all its own.
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As soon as my men were buried we headed for Ravenser; which was just a little further. When we reached it I sent the wonder men to the healer and the rest were to find more men willing to join our cause. As for me I asked around for the best blacksmith; I was told at the end of town a man by the name of Nigel could help me. I headed towards his shop, as a walked closer the smells of soot and ash reminded me of my father.

I walked into the shop to revile a tall muscular middle aged man with salt and pepper hair. "Hello miss welcome to Ravenser what can I do for you today," he said in a deep roar. "Well sir I need all the weapons and armor you have and I need you to make me some armor." I said staring into his bright blue eyes. "Miss Do you know how expensive this is going to cost you," he replied studying my face. "I am well aware." I said sternly. "If you don't mind may I ask what it is all for?" He questioned. "To crumble the army of Black Richard." I said as I studied his face.

"I will fight for you and give you half price on everything you need, that man is evil and it's about time someone took matters into their own hands," Nigel said with pain in his eyes, "my daughter ran into his men years ago, I don't want to describe the things they did to her, you have my sword until my last breath." I thanked him and introduced myself, and then I began to explain the armor I wanted. "I need something light yet strong; it has to fit me perfect and still allow me to be agile." He studied my body and looked around his shop. "I've never made armor for a woman before, but I think if I do a light weight chain metal that will give you what you want. Now it won't give you full coverage but it will give you some protection.

If I used pure steel you wouldn't get the movement you're looking for." Nigel said as he grabbed a chainmail armor of one of his tables. "Now I made this for a younger man, but I should be able to adjust it to your size, I figure if I had to make one new it would take a couple weeks, if I modify this armor it should be done in half a day. Can you try this on so I can see what I need to change?" I agreed and placed the armor over my clothes. Nigel pulled at the chain metal and had me do striking motions, jump, lift my arm and any other movement he could think of, then asked me to take it off. "Come back before dusk and it should be ready." Nigel declared.

He told me how much everything would cost which thank god wasn't much; it would leave me with half a chest of gold. I then proceeded to the other blacksmith's in town; most of them joined my cause add gave me weapons and armor for free or almost free. I meet of with my men and saw that altogether we had fifty men from Ravenser join us. "Ok men now for our final journey; at dawn we head for the castle in Amenrar. I just wanted to thank you again for your courage and your swords. Soon we will be going against Black Richards army. The odds are against us alone but united we shall be an even match. Our numbers will grow and I know we will have the king's army behind us. For the fate of the kingdom rests on the outcome of this battle.

No longer will we say that there is no Black Richard, no longer will his men burn our villages and murder our people while we stand idly by as if nothing happened. Evil will not go unnoticed or unpunished. We will fight for the ones we love and pierce the hearts of our enemy; good men will triumph over evil and the righteous shall prevail." I yelled out for all to hear. "Now go and for those from Ravenser be with your loved ones and make sure they know how much you care, we meet here at dawn. The men quickly dispersed and I headed for the inn; I paid for my room and went to lie down. In the next couple of days I would meet Thomas again I dreaded that though. I pray he sees what kind of man his father is and just leaves.

Thoughts of his soft touch against my skin filled my mind and goose bumps ran up my back. His lips soft as silk; I closed my eyes and thought of our days together; the looks he would give me. When he would look at me I could feel his love; just from a glance. He looked at me as if I were the only one he could see and that nothing else mattered. I thought about him so much that the sky seemed to instantly turn from dawn to dusk; so I headed to Nigel and retrieved my armor and paid him and told him to meet us at dawn. I headed back to the inn and fell asleep in no time. At dawn I awoke from my nightmare as usual and headed to meet my men.

As quick as I could say head out we were on our way. Amenrar wasn't far at all; I could see the castle walls in the distance. We speed up and were there in no time. Michael was standing guard which was a relief to me. I approached and told him what I was planning. He then told me the bad news. "The king's army has been sent to Moddenlow." Informed Michael. Moddenlow was a village on the outskirts of the kingdom it would take months to reach and we needed a larger army in a couple of days.
Published: 12/3/2009
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