My Name

A poem that describes the impact and contributions of ones name to his or her personality in life using mine as a point of contact.
I was all alone
In a meditating tone
And a lingering groan
Carried my thoughts in a prone
Till it got to this lone
Which defined my own

What is your name?
This question came
Like a limping lame
Trying to grab its fame
‘My name of course is my fame’
I tried to affirm the claim

I thought of it at that moment
Can that be a definite comment?
The question travels down the confinement
No! It is just a fragment
Without the employment of empowerment
That gives me a say without a detriment

I persisted with the thoughts flowing
Struggling with its persistent questioning
And battling with solid mediums of solving
This weighty questions that keep coming
And I resolved at last that my naming
Carries a sturdy wiring towards my picturing
Published: 12/1/2010
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