My Neighbor - Chapter 1

From the author of 'Falling in Love with a Pop Star'. Maiya moved to a new town. A town where the first day of the rest of her life started. She lived closer to her family, would go to college, and got away from high school where she got bullied all the time. She hoped to be happy again, to mean something to someone, to find the love of her life, and hopefully, later on, to find the job she always wanted!
9.00 am. - Maiya opened her eyes.
"Wake up sweetie, it's time." Maiya's mom said sitting at the end of Maiya's bed.
"Hmm..." Maiya mumbled.

"Get ready, we're leaving in 30 minutes!" Her mom said and left the room.

Maiya got up, put on her clothes, took her bag and was ready to leave her room but she stopped. She turned around and took one last look at that small room she spent so much time in. 'Bye,' she whispered. She turned around and continued her way downstairs. She brushed her teeth, put on some makeup and had breakfast with her mom and her sister. Her mom seemed really nervous, which Maiya could understand. Her mom was constantly walking around, putting things into cardboard boxes. At the same time, a few men were walking around, carrying the beds into the truck.

Today was the day. The day Maiya looked forward to. She looked forward to this day, because this day would be the first day of the rest of her life. She could finally leave high school and go to college. She could forget about the people who told her she looked like a boy in a girl-body. All the people who made fun of her, teased her and used her would be gone forever. She would be going to the town her mother grew up in. This made her very happy, because she got to see her grandmother and grandfather more often. Maiya was someone who wasn't ashamed of her family; she loved them, no matter what happened.

Maiya would miss her one and only best friend though. Abby was the only person who knew what kind of person Maiya really was. They have been... best friends forever. Last night, they had this amazing day together. A day they both would never forget. A smile appeared on Maiya's face when she thought about what kind of funny things she and Abby did last night, but she got snapped out of her thoughts.

"Have you finished?" Maiya's mom asked. "We really have to go now!"

Maiya got up, and started to help her mom packing the last few things that needed to come with them. They got in the car, and started their drive to the new town they were going to live in. It was a long drive, and Maiya fell asleep. When they were about to arrive, Maiya woke up again. It felt like she only closed her eyes for just one minute, but when she opened them again, she was almost there. She knew they were almost there, because when she looked outside the window, she recognized everything. She'd been here before, when she was on a family visit.

She remembered the small town center where she and her grandma used to go when she was little. She also remembered the playground next to the soccer court, where Maiya had been watching the boys play soccer games while she was sitting on the swing, trying to fly as high as possible. She used to come there with her father, when her mother was too busy helping around at her parents' place. The swing was one of the sweetest memories she could reminisce of her and her father.

A smile appeared on her face. She might be moving to a new town, yet it didn't feel like a new one.

When they finally arrived, they went to check out the house. It was much bigger than her old house. The garden was bigger, a lot bigger, which was very important for Maiya. She loved to play football, as in soccer, and other sports as well, but football was the most important one for Maiya. She followed the European competitions whenever she could. She knew a lot of football players and European teams as well. Maiya smiled, she really loved it here already!

When they had seen every room in the house, it was time to unload the car and moving truck.

At the same time, across the street, Mrs. Ross said to her son Liam: "It looks like our new neighbors have arrived, I'm going to give them a warm welcome, keep an eye out for the oven, would you Liam?"

"Sure Mom!" He replied, not very interested. He was very busy playing a game on his PlayStation.

Mrs. Ross walked up the street and started a conversation with Maiya, her mother and sister. She soon found out, that Maiya was Agnes' granddaughter. Agnes from a few houses further down the street. Mrs. Ross was a very kind person. She was always prepared to help, cook people dinner when they're sick or stuff like that. She decided to let the family Evans, 'cause that was Maiya's last name, unpack and went back inside. A couple of Liam's friends were at the door while Mrs. Ross wanted to go back inside. They asked for Liam.

"Liam? Your friend Stacey and a few others are waiting for you at the door!" Mrs. Ross yelled.
"Okay mom! I'm going!" Liam said and got up.

Mrs. Ross then quickly decided to make dinner for the Evans. She thought that they've been on the road for so long, needed to unpack everything, so a little help with dinner would be perfect to welcome the family.

When Liam got to the front door, he saw Maiya for the very first time. She was wearing jeans, with a green tank top and a loose floral patterned see-through blouse. She had beautiful brown hair, which she tied together in a bun to unload the truck. He couldn't stop staring at her and had totally forgotten about his friends, who were waiting for him to respond to their question. Maiya caught Liam looking at her. She smiled at him and continued carrying the boxes inside the house. Liam was mesmerized.
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Published: 10/30/2012
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