My Old Dog

We're putting my dog down (7/20).
That's my dog, sitting there
Tomorrow, I know, she won't be here
Her time is coming, she's getting old
We'll have to put her down I'm told

I'll miss you, girl
We grew up together
Curled up on the couch
No matter the weather

But now you sit in AC all day
And you still sit and pant, anyway

Times have changed
We're both older
But now your death
I'll have to shoulder

Eleven years, we've had a good run
I remember all the laughter and fun
However, things can't stay the same
That doesn't stop this from being a shame

I'll put on a blank face and hid the pain
Go back to work for financial gain
When I come back we'll curl up again
'Cause I'm gonna miss you tomorrow, my friend
Published: 7/21/2010
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