My Own God!

The only God you need is You!
The Gods are jealous of me,
Because I am unique,
I can see through their ruse,
I'm immune to their clique,
I give praise to no one,
That I cannot see,
I'm everything that I need,
And all of that is me!

I am up there among them,
Flaunting my stuff,
They don't like my immunity,
To their huffs and their puffs,
But they can't do anything,
To hold me in line,
For my spirit cries freedom,
And this world is mine.

I do not defy them,
They rule over others,
To him, his own, I always say,
If it helps him, why bother?
I have nothing to fight for,
As my praise lies in me,
I'll be simply always,
The only God that I need.

'God is within me,
'I am as one with God'.
That was the message,
It's simple enough.
My God holds my soul,
In my own mortal hand,
In my heart and my spirit,
And my immortal mind.

For if that I truly,
Believe in myself,
Then my heart holds my sovereignty,
My spirit; my soul,
And my mind holds the knowledge,
That I am unique,
And religion is something,
That I need not seek.

So take your Gods away from me,
I don't want their sympathy,
My ills I can face by myself,
I don't need empathy.
I need no one to bleed for me,
Nor sacrifice be made.
After all, I am but my own God,
Free of religious hate.
Published: 3/10/2016
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